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-Jane comes home after her surgery and is slowly recovering.

-Ryan keeps reaching out to Jane.

-Change isn’t comfortable with her reconstructed breasts.

-Scarlet has a surprise party for Jane to welcome her back.

-Kat has thrown herself into activism.

-Jane has to start hiring for her vertical.

-Jacqueline and Ian are in therapy.

-Sutton is styling an upcoming young actress, Mara Chamberlin, who has a bad reputation in the fashion industry.

-Kat’s parents walk in on her naked with a girl.

-Kat’s parents threaten that if she doesn’t find a job, they are going to rent out her apartment.

-Alex is moving out.

-Jane isn’t feeling like herself.

-Jane accuses the writer she is interviewing of staring at her boobs even though he was just looking at the frosting she had on her shirt, blowing her interview.

-Sutton has the new assistant Timothy watching Mara like a hawk at the photoshoot.

-Kat gets offered a new job at a start-up company.

-Mara explains why she stole the clothes, and Sutton feels awful for judging her.

-Jane lies to Addison during their interview about getting into The Bell -- a members-only club for influential women.

-Kat pretends to be Jane’s assistant and gets her an interview for The Bell.

-The start-up company looking to hire Kat has a strict policy against its employees making political statements.

-Jane gets into The Bell.

-Sutton goes to bat for Mara and gets Olivia to lend clothes for her and redoes her shoot at The Bell.

-Kat turns down the job.

-Jane offers to let Kat move in and finds out that Alex stayed two months longer than he needed to so he could take care of her.

-Sutton thinks she might be pregnant.


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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Sutton: Be careful out there Walter White.
Kat: Oh, come on, where’s the fun in that?

Olivia: Sutton Brady Hunter -- The new high princess of House Scarlet. For someone who just got back from their honeymoon in St. Bartz, you don’t look very tan.
Sutton: Oh well, that’s cause we spent the whole time in the hotel room. Just kidding, I can’t tan.