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-Jane hasn't decided what to do about her and Ryan yet.

-Adena and Kat confront RJ, but her daughter threatens to sue them if they pursue it. 

-Oliver plans to offer Sutton the promotion, but she gives her two-week notice, so he doesn't tell her.

-Jane invites Ryan to go to the wedding with her.

-Jaqueline tells Oliver to offer Sutton the promotion anyway.

-Oliver crashes girls night and offers her the job, but she turns it down.

-Babs makes Sutton realize she wants to take the job, and she decides she needs to tell Richard before the wedding. Richard doesn't react well to the news and tells her he needs time to think.

-Jacqueline talks to Richard and helps him realize that he needs to accept Sutton's choice and marry her. 

-Sutton accepts the job as a stylist.

-Sutton and Richard get married.

-Kat decides to release RJ's tax returns regardless of the risk to her, but keeps Adena out of it so that she doesn't risk losing her visa.

-Jane breaks up with Ryan. 

-RJ steps down after the news comes out about him.

-Kat gets fired from Scarlet.

-Sutton gets her own assistant to share with Oliver.

-Jane goes for her mastectomy.

The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I keep trying to picture my life without you, I mean the surgery and the wedding, and I just can't. You're always there.


Sorry I didn't know that frumpy Fridays were a thing I would've changed.