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Jane is about to take over as Scarlet's editor-in-chief from Jacqueline, but she realizes she wants to be a writer.

Jane and Jacqueline then realize Kat is the perfect person to succeed Jacqueline, and Kat accepts.

Jane starts to embrace all the things that scare her and goes on a date with Frankie William's bodyguard Zach.

She then decides to leave Scarlet at the end and travel the world, getting to do all the things her mother didn't.

After Kat and Adena hook up, Adena thinks they should just stay friends, believing it would be too risky to puruse a relationship.

Kat reluctantly agrees but after becoming editor-in-chief, she gets over her fear of commitment.

She realizes Adena is her person, and she doesn't want to be apart. They get back together

Sutton and Richard keep hooking up, and Sutton realizes she needs to let Richard go.

Sutton decides to break things off so Richard can be free to start a family.

However, Richard decides he'd rather be with Sutton than be a father, and they decide not to get divorce.

At the launch party for Don't Turn Away, Jacqueline announces her retirement.

Oliver asks Jasper out on a date.


The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Richard: Well, look at us. Making the world a better place.
Sutton: I kind of feel like we’re living in a dream, you know? Walking around, pretending like nothing is different, but it is. I literally have our divorce papers in my bag right now.
Richard: I know.
Sutton: And you’re gonna adopt a baby.
Richard: I know.
Sutton: What are we doing?
Richard: I don’t know. Can't we live in the dream a little while longer? Unless you don’t want to…
Sutton: No, I do. I really do.

Jane: I have like infinite emotions, and you know when that happens, and you just feel like you have to scream?
Sutton: I feel that way right now.
Kat: I feel that way most days. We need a release.
Sutton: Hey, you know what we should do? We should go to the subway to scream.
Jane: Oh.
Kat: Remember when we did that?
Jane: Well, you know what? We don’t actually need the subway.
Sutton: That’s true. We could just do it right here.
Kat: That’s true.