The Real Leader of The Seven - The Boys
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Communication is key in any relationship, says some girl in a video.

Frenchie is devouring drugs.

Kimiko is watching news about her brother, who is painted in a terrible light. Frenchie tries to get her to listen to him that it wasn't her fault. He uses the moment to plant a kiss on her, and she almost kills him.

Homelander is having a conniption watching Stormfront on the news. She's slamming Vought and gathering groups to be their own hero and make their voice heard.

So Homelander visits a cabin where he finds Madelyn (wearing a negligee), who allows him to lick milk off of her fingers.

Butcher meets with the Grace about Susan, and she gives him some hard evidence about Liberty, telling him to chase down the information. She also found Becca, or at least their best guess were to find her. She feels responsible for him stopping his search for her.

Madelyn looks petrified as Homelander bitches about Stormfront and the whole team as he lays on her lap giving him props. Then his revelry is interrupted when Doppelganger changes back mid session. Homelander demands he change back again, and the poor dude does his best to fill Homelander's needs.

Mother's Milk wonders why the hell Butcher is going after Becca. Butcher puts MM in charge and wishes him well. MM gave up his family for the cause, and he wonders when he's getting them back.

MM wonders if Butcher will say goodbye to Frenchie or Hughie, but Butcher has excuses for not doing both.

Mother's Milk is eager to get back to his dollhouse.

Homelander catches the same elevator as Starlight. He stops it, takes his gloves off, and rolls his neck before pinning her to the wall and digging his fingers into her liver.

Black Noir visits the IT girl to get a lead on the boys.

Starlight meets Hughie, noticing right away his terrible bruising. He talks it off and realizes it. She could have killed him, but she didn't. He doesn't want to talk about the voicemail he left.

Hughie gets a call from MM. They need to go to Raleigh. When MM arrives, he's surprised that Starlight seems to be along for the ride.

Starlight breaks down in Hughie's arms. She can't do it anymore.

A-Train is out. Homelander and Ashley deliver the bad news. A-Train digs his heels in, but Homelander knows about A-Train's heart, and since he can't run, he can't stay.

The road trip finds Starlight and Hughie bonding over We Didn't Start a Fire, and it's adorable.

Frenchie is in bed with a woman.

It's rest stop time on the road trip. When Starlight moans while eating a donut, MM wonders if they might want a room. She was never allowed to have them growing up. Weight gain. So she bonded with her dad over donuts. She talks about her dad listening, while MM appears not to, but he shares with her his Baskin Robbins story.

Now, MM would give a year off his life just to see his dad going through spoon after spoon one more time.

MM cannot believe that Starlight is dry wiping. He has some wipes for her use. She's surprised he carries them around. And then, a semi slams into a family. She wants to help, but they have to leave because the boys and a member of The Seven cannot be found out.

Becca sees a car outside of her window. It's Butcher hoping she knows a place without a million bloody cameras. She grabs her smokes and shows them to the camera before driving off. Under a covered bridge, they reunite with Becca launching into Butcher's arms.

She's so fucking sorry. She told Homelander that if he hurt Butcher, she'd kill herself in front of the camera and blame it on him.

The road trip finds Hughie and MM bunking together. Annie has a midnight munchie crisis and they meet at the vending machine. Annie has terrible taste in candy. She asks about MM's OCD, which Hughie had never noticed.

They exchange stories of the misery of their positions. Annie feels like she's living with a loaded gun in her face, but there, with Hughie, she doesn't. They reconnect back at her hotel room.

When Hughie goes to turn off the light, Annie Starlight's the lamp so that it's dim; she still wants to see Hughie as they make love.

Becca checks on Ryan before meeting Butcher under the bridge. They begin to get busy awfully fast.

They lay in the backseat afterward smoking and talking about what they've missed.

Butcher admits he doesn't hate kids; he's just not a very good role model.

Butcher was nothing before Becca. She saved him. He feels guilty that she's been living in a shithole without him to protect her. He promises he'll make it up to her, but he says nothing about Ryan.

Homelander outs Maeve on aa daytime talk show with Maria Menuous when Maria calls The Seven out on their diversity issues.

Kimiko attends a rally intending to kill Stormfront, but Frenchie stops her attack.

The woman the boys find in their quest for Liberty isn't happy to talk, but MM talks her into a chat when he talks about his father, a Black man who was going to put his foot on The Seven's necks.

She tried to get people to listen, but nobody would listen to a little Black girl telling a tale about a white supe committing murder.

Lady Liberty mutilated the girl's brother spewing racial slurs as she pounded him to a pulp. The girl's father took the $2000 Vought payment, and they let it go.

She reveals that Stormfront and Lady Liberty are one in the same.

Homelander sees a bunch of memes and rails against Stormfront, daring to heat her up if she doesn't back down.

She's paying five guys on laptops to churn out memes and is running rings around Homelander. Emotions and anger sell, she says. He has fans. She has soldiers.

Becca won't run off with Ryan because she sees the disgust he has for Ryan. He cannot see that Becca is a mother, ultimately calling Ryan a fucking supe freak.

She didn't go to Butcher when she was raped and pregnant because she knew he'd never let it go, sparking a life-long vendetta.

Crying, she drives away after calling the guards so that Butcher takes the hint and leaves.

Black Noir is still with the IT girl when Butcher appears in front of the camera, finger flipped.

When they return to the city, Annie tells Hughie they can't do it again. She says they can't afford to feel good or let their guards down. They're all alone.

The people who are talking to the camera? They're applicants to be The Deep's wife so that his image is rehabilitated and he's admitted back into The Seven.

Homelander arrives at the cabin, and Doppelganger greets him appropriately. But Homelander isn't in the mood this time. Homelander has finally realized he only needs himself. So Doppelganger obliges. The plan doesn't go over well, and after offering to suck him off, going down on his knees, Homelander kills him.

The Boys
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The Boys Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Homelander: Maeve begged me to save your life, so I gave you a second chance, and you failed me.
Starlight: What are you talking about?
Homelander: No more lies.

Grace: I found Becca, or at least our best guess where she is. Vought facility, armed to the teeth. It won't be easy.
Butcher: We had a deal. I didn't come through.
Grace: Jesus, Butcher. I'm just giving it to you. It's my fault you stopped searching for her. I put a target on Homelander's back and pointed you right at it. I didn't know Becca was still... It would be good to have one less person in the audience staring at me.