A Homelander Nightmare - The Boys
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Maeve is starring in an action flick.

She's playing a version of herself, afraid to show the world who she is. She's a lot like the girl she saves - she's gay.

Dawn of the Seven is the name of the flick. Maeve wants to know when Homelander will stop torturing her. He's not going to to it.

Ashley has an urgent message for Homelander. Suddenly, he's in the middle east or something, and he scorches a couple of men in the middle of things. OH, Ashley is showing it to him on a tablet. He sniffs. What? They're all staving and one of them has a cell phone?

There's been some blowback, sending him tumbling down 9.5 points. He's being called a war criminal. There are protestors chanting.

Mr. Edgar and legal want his official position to be no comment. And there's Stormfront, again offerieng her assistance.

Butcher is downing shots in a metal bar. He's aching for a fight and finds one without issue.

He pummels some poor bastard before he's pounded, seemingly happily.

At the store, Butcher is surrounded by Supes on standees and bags of pees. Hughie calls with news about Stormfront.

Hughie tells Butcher he's not mad, he gets it. If it was him, he'd do the same thing. Hughie stumbles. Butcher could have said goodbye. Butcher tells him he's always been his canary. Then Butcher removes his sim card.

MM is watching Outlander. He tells Hughie it's a show called Eat my Dick. LOL Hughie details the conversation to MM.

Frenchie is following Kimiko down the street.

The movie continues. Girls Get it Done.

The Deep has married Cassandra Schwartz.

Billy visits his aunt Judy. She can't believe it. He wants to see his boy. It's a dog named terror, sleeping on his doggie bed with a giant stuffed elephant.

Butcher is having a bit of a crisis. He doesn't know the point of anything.

It's about time for A-Train's part in the movie, but he's written a rewrite. He doesn't want to write an ending to his story.

The Deep and Cassandra are on Live with Katie Couric.

Kimiko picks a fight with some Russians for a little face off and neck snapping.

Frenchie cannot believe it. One guy has the butt of a revolver embedded in his forehead.

Judy tells Butcher that Hughie is the spittin' image of Lenny.

When Butcher leaves the house, he recognizes Black Noir hiding out. They are in trouble.

Butcher admits that Becca isn't with him and didn't want out.

MM calls the authorities so that if Black Noir kills them, he'll have to do it with an audience.

In the food tent, Annie spots her mom talking with Stormfront. Things go from bad to worse when Stormfront suggests that Donna is very sorry about Compound V. Donna wants forgiveness. She's sorry for using her daughter as a trophy.

HashtagBraveMaeve. Being a lesbian is a better sell than a bi and other things come out of Elena's mouth. She's not interested in being a lesbian Ken doll.

Maeve is worried about what Homelander will do to Elena. She decides they're gonna take that mother fucker down.

The ninja cunt is there for him, so Butcher decides to sacrifice himself. He admits, he's knackered. Hughie calls him on it. By the end of the conversation, MM is right behind Hughie backing him up.

Kimiko meets the girl Frenchie screws in church. She'g to Kimiko doing hits. Or, the Albanians are doing it.

Frenchie tells a crying Kimiko that it is not the way to assuage her guilt. She screams to him in sign language. She doesn't want his help. He screams back. He doesn't understand what she's saying because she won't teach him. He give sup on her.

The Deep is doing commercials for the Church of the Collective. He's the kind of man who stands up for what's right. A-Train is watching. Buncha bullshit. Stormfront says the place used to be everything until they started letting all kinds of people in.

She insinuates he's garbage.

Ashley fucked her way through Europe after losing her job. Screwed a guy with elephantiasis. She tells A-Train to follow the narrative and get over it.

There is a giant anti-Supe rally and Homelander lands behind the speaker, Congressman Newman.

Ashley cannot believe it's happening.

He makes it go from bad to worse with the crowd ending in "you don't speak for us" chants. His response is to burn a swath of hundreds down where they stand. Oops.

Oh! It was only a dream. Poor Ashley is pulling her hair out, standing there with a giant clump of it.

When the emergency services leave, MM engages his plan. Black Noir is on the roof, and they shimmy down to Judy's safe room. She seems to be making illegal pharmaceuticals.

Homelander breaks down and asks Stormfront for help.

She's on the phone with someone from the Storm Sage Center. It's the guy from The Rookie or his twin.

Hughie asks Judy about Lenny. Lenny was Butcher's brother. Skinny, nervous little bugger like Hughie. Lenny had a way of making Billy not be Billy. And Hughie understands why he's the canary.

Just before we find out what happened to Lenny, there is a thud above as Black Noir looks for them.

Terror begins to bark, and Black Noir tosses a smoke bomb into the basement. Upstairs, it's wrecked and in flames.

Butcher stays inside while Hughie begs for him not to do this.

Hughie and MM come in weapons blazing but they're all down for the count as Butcher uses logic on the enemy first and blackmails him second. Butcher uses outing Ryan as a way to put them all up against the wall, something Noir does until his phone rings.

Mr. Edgar is on the phone. He wants to know if he has proof of that of which he speaks. He offers to all of Black Noir if Butcher promises what he knows about Ryan never sees the light of day.

The Deep is giving homeless people food for their souls. A book about the Church.

Maeve is there. She's offering to be the woman who will lie, telling everyone that he's not a piece of shit.

Starlight goes into Stormfront's trailer.

Stormfront doesn't believe Starlight's performance at all. She calls her Tilda Swinton and says she knows she leaked it.

They blackmail each other, Stormfront says Starlight will be a big help to her, and then Homelander interrupts.

He's up five points thanks to Stormfront's meme help.

Butcher says goodbye to Terror, gives him the stuffed animal, and then they all drive away.

Stormfront and Homelander get hot and heavy.


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The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Ohhh. Oh. Huh. Pffft. So, what? They're all starving, but one of them has a cell phone?


Homelander: Hmmm. Look at this. Look at these strong female lesbians. I'm inspired. You inspired?
Ashley: Oooh yeah.
Homelander: Girls get it on.
Ashley: Done. Girls get it done.
Homelander: They sure do, Ashley.