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A woman tries to prevent her brother from going with a group of men. She calls someone for help.

Amir is cooking for the team. They make fun of him and then the call from Patricia comes in. She wants to talk to Amir. She plays the tape for him from the woman. 

There's going to be an attack in Paris so the team is sent there to figure it out. Amir is willing to go back undercover to save the brother and of course the team will follow.

Amir gets to the restaurant where the woman is working. The team is watching because Amir chose not to be wired. She tells Amir that his brother is being forced to become a suicide bomber to protect her. The guy offers to take Amir to see the boy. Noah recognizes them as leaders of a terrorist cell. The team follows Amir, but the guys take the phone when they get to the warehouse. The terrorists know they followed. Omar pulls a gun on Amir but Amir keeps his cool.

Amir meets the boy and asks him if he wants to stay and he does.

Amir and the team end up taking down the leaders of the cell, but the boy is on his way to the target and they have to work to stop him from bombing a market.

The boy is about to enter the market but stops.  He walks back to the car, but there's still a second bomber. Amir and Jaz head towards the second bomber while Preach takes out the leader who was going to blow up the boy. Dalton, Jaz and Amir take out the second bomber and disable the trigger.





The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I spent six years with these people. There's no margin for error.


Yes, I'm the traitor. I have devoted my life to bringing down men like you, and I'm not going to sleep until all of you are in the hell you deserve.