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With Wysocki facing questions about his own family - he and his ex-wife had trouble explaining to their son why they were still sleeping together, while Jarek was trying to avoid his fiancee and any wedding talk - this week's case focused on a notorious drug dealer. But there was a twist.

He was also a family man and was in Chicago to pay the random for his kidnapped seven-year old. The CPD got involved and learned that the dealer's brother-in-law was behind the kidnapping. They got the son back and also worked out a deal with the FBI, who wanted to use the drug dealer for a nationwide racketeering case that would have given him witness protection.

Instead, they convinced the dealer to give his wife and son the protection, charge him with crimes in Chicago and then turn him over to the Feds.

Elsewhere, Liam was summoned by Gibbons to be his driver - and we soon learned why. Gibbons took Liam around to meet the families of the recently deceased, including the widow and children of the man who died in Liam's fire. Gibbons clearly knows what Liam did, but might he actually have organized the entire thing as a test? It seems that way.

Later, Liam tells Colvin he's all in and will do whatever it takes to bring down the man holding this crime over his head.

The Chicago Code
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