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The episode opened Wysocki picking up Colvin and insisting that she finally pick a new driver. She picked Officer Bidwell and the hottest day of the year began.

Wysocki and Caleb are called out to the scene of a shooting where the man who owned an ice cream truck was shot and killed. Caleb promised the victim’s son that they would find who killed him. Colvin and Bidwell stopped an armed robbery after she had spoken at another precinct.

Liam was called by Alderman Gibbons and showed up at a community center where he was put to work keeping people cool by handing out water. Gibbons eventually asked him to take water door to door for some elderly people they had not reached by phone.

Vonda and Isaac were on foot as beat cops given the heat and after sending some teenagers away from an open fire hydrant, the lights went out and one of them took a shot towards them. Isaac and Vonda chased the suspect and Vonda lost visual on Isaac and he was not answering his radio. She found him handcuffing the suspect and he said the guy was struggling and he couldn’t reply

Wysocki and Caleb used a confidential informant and got the information on who they thought was the man who shot the ice cream truck driver. They tracked the man down and after Caleb tackled him in a foot chase they arrested him. The victim’s son picked the guy out of the lineup.

On the next to last house Liam and his buddy stopped at to give water, they heard the TV on and a dog yelping. Liam broke into the house to find the elder woman collapsed on the floor. He scooped her up and put her in the tub and began to cool her down. As she was being taken to the hospital Gibbons told Liam he did a good thing and offered him a job on the payroll of the city. 

Vonda and Isaac were back at her place and after Isaac started to make fun of Vonda looking scared during the chase he apologized and went to take a shower, a short time later she joined him in the shower. Colvin was driven home by Bidwell who said he was staying as her nighttime guard as well. 

The Chicago Code
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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Wysocki: You should write "checks" you can't cash
Caleb: I know, help me cash me this one!

Wysocki: I handpicked these three cop'ers myself; you can't make a bad decision. Besides I can't keep showing up here at the crack of dawn, people will start to talk.
Colvin: Well that's the best reason I have heard yet