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There's a murder in Chinatown this week. It forces Jarek to confront the man dubbed "The Mayor of Chinatown," Lao, the same big-time player that made it impossible for Jarek to solve a case there three years ago.

This time, though, Teresa, Caleb and Jarek are ready for his dirty actions. They bug his phone and they learn that he was lying about trying to help them. This eventually leads to Lao cutting a deal: in exchange for a reduced sentence - for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit murder - he'll give Jarek the shooter he was after from three years ago.

Because Jarek wants the father/husband of that crime's victims to get closure, he agrees. And we learn that Lao had the culprit killed. This still means Lao will be going to prison and it also means Gibbons will need to hand pick his successor, someone who won't forget to listen to Gibbons and do him favors. He selects Lao's assistant.

Elsewhere, Teresa is faced with a personal crisis when her brother-in-law accepts $50,000 because he promises a friend that Teresa can help him with a rival parking lot owner. When she discovers what went down, she forces her relative to turn himself in to the FBI, saying she'll help him avoid jail time. But this isn't enough to keep her in the good graces of her sister.

The Chicago Code
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