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PFC Ian Morehead stabs and kills his commanding officer, Capt. Jason Hunt, in front of multiple witnesses. Hunt's widow Alex tells Capt. Abe Abrahams, Jason's friend, that he was dead and how he was killed. She asks Abe to prosecute Morehead. Col. Glenn Turman grudgingly allows Abe to be co-counsel with his superior, Major Trey Ferry. Capt. Maya Dobbins is defending Morehead and she wants more time to investigate. Maya argues that Morehead has multiple traumatic brain injuries which were left untreated, leading to his violent stabbing of Jason. Maya and Abe go to Afghanistan to research Morehead's treatment. Abe asks Trey to interview former medical workers at the Afghan base, to investigate TBI-monitoring procedures. Tony Poirier tells Trey that Commander Hewitt, the battalion surgeon, had required those with TBI to be tested until they passed, so no one with TBIs was treated. Trey and Abe cut a deal with Maya so that Morehead will testify against Hewitt. Abe runs the deal by Alex and she agrees with it. Abe convinces Gen. Carrick to release medical records of other Marines with TBIs. Two other medical staffers agree to testify and Hewitt is arrested. Hewitt's lawyer argues that it can't be proven that Hewitt had formally implemented a policy to keep Marines with TBIs on duty. He discredits prosecution witnesses. Glenn tells Abe she's been taking heat from above but has shielded him and Trey. Jason sent an email detailing how he had confronted Hewitt about the TBI testing. Abe's theory is that Hewitt aggravated Morehead's condition and used him to kill Jason. Abe puts Hewitt on the stand. Abe has Hewitt's TBI victims in the gallery. Abe stalls until a video showing Hewitt driving Morehead to the fence line arrives. Hewitt pleads guilty.

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Abe: Too bad we're lawyers. We don't pursue ideals. We pursue ...
Trey: Outcomes. Uh-hmm.

Abe: Pay attention, Rami. I've got a legitimate excuse today.
Rami: The clothes. It's got something to do with the clothes.