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Marine recruiter Sgt. Julian Lucas has been charged with rape. He's accused of havng sex with an under-aged girl, Janea Kroll. Harper is home for bridal fittings, while Maya is helping out her brother Matt. Janea tells Trey and Abe that she refuses to testify that she had sex with Lucas when she was 17. Maya confronts Matt about him skipping his anti-psychotic meds, but he says his doctor took him off them because they weren't working. Abe says somebody is following him. Harper notes Lucas is a fan of a white-power band, and Abe figures out from Lucas's comments made on the band's site that he had assaulted a civilian at a white-power rally. Harper dislikes the wedding prep and tells Bard she wants to elope. Maya stays to help Matt. She asks him if he should be running for office with his untreated condition. He says that even though his campaign is sputtering, he wouldn't want to do anything else. Trey found a video of Lucas at the rally, at which he had denied being. Trey recused himself and made Maya first chair. Abe was correct that he's being followed, by an investigator for Alex's attorney. Matt plans to keep campaigning despite the paranoia caused by his condition. The victim of Lucas's assault Harper has been tracking to testify died in a car crash months earlier. The national party rep plans to throw support to Matt, as long as Maya remains in the picture. Abe's assault case against Lucas is dismissed. Abe takes another crack at getting Janea to testify by showing her Lucas's white-power comments and Lucas is arrested again. Bard backs off the elopement because he wants all the activities that offends Harper. Alex's attorney will drop her if they keep seeing each other.

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Wow. Most people try to segue when they change the subject.

Trey [to Abe]

Lucas: I swear on my mother's life.
Trey: I'm sure she's a wonderful woman but that's not a viable defense.