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Officers Flanagan and Alsten are drinking while they drive the paddy wagon. That's an interesting concept.

They're rounding up hookers without property vouchers and shoving them in the wagon. Flanagan is married. Thunder Thighs almost gets swooped because he doesn't know how many days are in April.

Ashley is having nude photos taken. She believes it's for an audition. Given what she's been through recently, it's not shocking. He wants $40.

Thunder Thighs and Candy are in Vin's bar. They're off duty, they swear.

The movies the ladies make are used in a machine. Men put their coins in they can be watched again and again. Candy says that's a crap idea because they only get paid once.

Alsten is taking food orders for all the rounded up ladies.

Darlene discovers her movie is selling for $35 and $50 a pop. She wants to know where the dude is getting them.

Alsten and the girls are outside eating Chinese, but have to get back inside before Lou returns.

Eileen is at mom's playing with her son. Her mom wonders if she should dig out Mystery Date.

Vin and Frankie are at their sister's house comparing stories about who is the most successful. They'd be enough to drive anyone crazy.

Eileen wants her mom to buy her son Operation the next time she goes to the department store. They argue, her mom worries.

Vin's brother in law and his, Bobby, and friends drop by. Bobby wants to cash his check, and Vin wonders what kind of money his boss has on the payroll.

CC wants to work super hard to get his scratch. Or, he wants Lori to work super hard to get his scratch. He's so gross.

Lori gets under his skin, but it's unlikely it's any different than any other girl at the beginning of her run.

Bobby and Vin decide to work together to get the money to pay off Frankie's debt. They work with Rudy to cash the checks from Bobby's employer and give the employees cash since the company often runs out of money in the bank before they can cover the payroll.

Somehow a family managed to wander into the pimp-n-ho diner.

Larry is trying to sell Eileen on joining his posse when Darlene steps in for a moment. He turns to her and yells, "can't you see I'm talkin' here you stupid bitch?" and then rounds back to Eileen to remind her Rodney has not the ability to sweet talk. The counter fella demands Larry respect the ladies in his establishment.

Larry brushes off Darlene's concerns about the movies that are being sold.

Abby's mother is under the impression she's failing every class. Abby intends on staying in the city. Her mom hugs her and hands her an envelope of cash. If she needs anything, come to her, she says.

The first cash payday at the construction company is slow going while everyone counts and recounts their pay.

Abby walks into a squalid building. That must be where she's going to live.

The room Abby has is large but incredibly depressing. She begins searching the want ads.

Rudy takes Vince to a "fag joint" called Penny Lane. It's empty. Rudy wants Vince's opinion on the place since he knows business.

Rudy offers Vincent the business. Rudy will have a part of the business and own half what comes from the machines, but the business will be Vin's. CC wants to make Lori a porn star. Of course, he also threatens her.

Vin and Frankie talk about Vin's new opportunity. Frankie thinks Vin is nuts to take a job with a made man, but Vin thinks Rudy is different.

Eileen shows up at a place where they're making porn. She wonders if she needs to learn lines. They assure her it's not like that. Suddenly she's making out with a chick in a blonde wig with braids before the Vikings take them on the roll out couch.

Darlene is getting a library card while Eileen is getting a Campbell's potato soup cum shot in the face.

Eileen is sucking up as much as she can about the movie business. She's asking all kinds of questions about the lighting and why it's set up as it is, etc. She's shocked to learn that after hours of shooting, the movie will only be eight minutes total.

CC freaks out when Lori gets arrested, practically accosting the officer as he tries to get her released from the officer's custody.

CC stabs the man. He's not a police officer, but someone intent on killing Lori. There was even a rope in his coat. With a dead man laying on her lap, CC tells her the best thing for her to do is, just like riding a bike and falling off, get right back on.

A woman sits with Darlene and before Darlene can have a conversation, Larry pulls her away angrily. Larry returns with a warning for the lady. She claims to be somewhat of an anthropologist, but she's most likely a reporter.

Eileen watches the movie she stole intently.

When Lori gets back to the street, she is very shaken and has her eyes on the homicide scene playing out before her. The sick bastard was a biology teacher.

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The Deuce Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Lori: Can I get a match, girl?
Ashley: I'm not your girl, bitch.
Lori: Is that a no?

You, uh, you ever been to France? [Lori shakes her head no] Yeah, me neither.