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Robyn, Melody, and Dante join forces to take down a predator who has been abusing his staff on his campaign for years.

Melody goes undercover when she realizes Maya tried to kill herself twice. Maya is against helping them until she realizes there is a lot about what happened she doesn't know.

Melody gets all of the scoop as Robyn turns her attention to Petrus. Dante remembers him from a case several years ago and gets involved.

They realize the company makes women sign NDAs to scare them into silence, leading to Robyn confronting SInead with their findings.

Sinead balks at the idea of it at first, but she starts to realize her relationship with Elijah has largely been governed by his awful actions.

She reveals all about him live on air on an interview and says she will act as a platform to help the women come forward.

Meanwhile, Delilah's new friend causes problems when Robyn assumes they will end up int rouble because her friend was in juvie.

In the end, Robyn agrees that she was too forward about what she didn't want.

The Equalizer
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The Equalizer Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I get it, you wanna play by the rules. But what's the point if people rig the game?


Robyn: This guy's a perfect predator.
Melody: He's been getting away with this a long time.