I'm leaving here.


Do whatever it takes to stop listening. Once you stop the bomb, arrest her.


Robyn: Any chatter on the socials about the attack?
Harry: This is from this morning. We still on?
Mel: Whatever they're planning...
Robyn: It's gonna happen tonight.

What do you know about TikToks?


Woman: Wait, you never left your name.
Robyn: People don't usually wanna know my name.

Friend: Her name is Mia.
Robyn: When's the last time you saw her?
Friend: 5 days ago.

I did go to college in the 80s. Click "Bi."

Aunt Vi

The boogeyman is real. You never think he'll show up at your doorstep, until someone you know is dead.


He's bullied women into silence for too long.


The clock is ticking. I'll get him.


Robyn: This guy's a perfect predator.
Melody: He's been getting away with this a long time.

I get it, you wanna play by the rules. But what's the point if people rig the game?


The Equalizer Quotes

Dmitri: Say hello.
Jewel: Let go of me.

Dmitri: Who the hell are you?
Robin: Neighborhood watch.