A Potential Tragedy - The Exorcist
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When the police ask Regan about her relationship with her mother, she says she loves her, at which point both Henry and Kat look at her with knowing eyes.

When Regan touches the hand of the police commissioner, they also exchange a look and we flash back to the moment the Salesman took his place inside of Angela to reunite them once again. I've decided to call the possessed Angela Regan.

She's on the inside now.

There is a memorial outside the house for Chris, as well three dogs standing in wait for Regan.

Marcus learns Maria Walters is the slush mama for this effort and that "Brother Simon" was recruiting from the place for the deviant priests.

Regan has no desire to clasp hands through the prayer before dinner, nor does she care to pray at all. She's eating turkey, swilling down wine. Double thinking her decision to move the family to Canada. She's purposefully leaving Chris out of all of her toasts. Kat brings her back in.

At the end of dinner, a freshened up Regan leaves to go to the hotel. She's indispensable.

Tomas takes the time to tell Henry it was through him God spoke and it all began when he found Marcus.

Henry is hearing 162 over and over in his head. A bunch of voices yammering in his head, which reminds me greatly of Mothman Prophecies.

Marcus' friends didn't take his advice and skip town, but were spotted by Simon.

Simon dares talk back to Regan, or Pazuzu, and she puts him in his place. She then shares with Maria that someone who smells of desperation, with hints of mediocraty, doesn't get to be one of the first born.

Father Tomas learns they're closing St. Anthony. Despite his sins, he's still up for the transfer. So what does that really mean?

Marcus visits Tomas, who tells him to watch his back. The hire you rise, the more they're out ot conspire him for.

Marcus really needs a new cell phone.

Casey is looking at the articles about the paramedics families. She knows she did it, because he made her watch. Even though she couldn't feel herself do it, she knew she did.

Marcus goes back to the bus adn sees his compadres dead inside. He was just about to yell at them about not listening to him and leaving.

He prays for them and gathers what he can.

Regan goes to see Mother Bernadette. They chat and Regan kills her.

Casey asks her mom what it felt like when she was possessed. It wasn't the best time to ask.

When Marcus goes to the convent, he finds a massacre.

It's time for the welcome party for Pope Sebastian, which means a bunch of garbage and hooey. It's still confusing if Sebastian himself possessed or if they will possess him or what.

Regan tries to seduce Henry or kill him. Not sure which.

Casey walks in on Regan fondling Kat.

Tomas is talking about his new post.

Simon is eating oysters and caviar when he's interrupted by Marcus, who starts beating him around.

All of this is just so that a disgraced priest can kill the pope while the world watches. Really?

Over at the church, Tomas finally realized that 162 means something. It's the page in Chris' book that explains Pazuzu wouldn't stop until he could permanently possess Regan.

Regan is punishing her family for being disobedient and in walks Tomas.

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Simon: With the greatest respect, I've spent six years planning this welcoming. The honor is mine and mine alone.
Regan: You see, if you really understood respect, you'd already be where you belong.

Regan: I want to thank you for saving my little girl. Although you did waver, just a little bit.
Mother Bernadette: I should have killed you when I had the chance.