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Marcus arrives at the exact point the other episode ended, but he doesn't exactly keep them from harm.

He tries to take on Pazuzu, who is really the demon, who says she is fully integrated. Tomas doesn't believe her.

He tries to cast her out and he's knocked out.

He's in a fugue state, where he sees Marcus. He's really stepped in it this time.

Marcus finds himself in a warehouse surrounded by the demon mongers. Bennett is alive beside him, making a joke. Simon wants them to integrate or die. Marcus suggests they kill him now rather than an eternity listening to his ponsi little speeches.

Tomas is where he lived when he was six, with his grandfather.

Marcus is playing the part of a salesman. But a salesman on the side of God, trying to get Tomas to wake up and fight on the side of God to take on Pazuzu.

Pazuzu, meanwhile, is saying she doesn't want to hurt the family, but she's about to start.

Regan, meanwhile, is in the fugue state, hiding from the demon, whatever he wants to call himself.

Regan had hidden herself somewhere she couldn't feel anything at all, and at the first sign of trouble (so he says), she went scampering back.

Now Faux Marcus is taunting Tomas with images of his grandmother as she was dying. He never went to see her and she rotted and died terribly.

Simon is now prodding at Marcus. Does he know why the church took his homeless little ass in in the first place? Why die for a church that never gave a damn for him?

Maria says they're running out of time. But Marcus doesn't care. Because he saw God. He does it all for God.

Simon is absolutely annoyed to bits that Marcus saw God. The look on his face is one of absolute jealousy. He flows ashes into the air, expecting either Marcus or Bennett to be integrated, or both.

Maria is totally pissed off. Not only isn't she invited to the parade to kill Pope Sebastien, she's not the intended one for the ashes.

Pazuzu is trying to get Regan to open the door by injuring her family. Tearing off daddy's arms or Casey has to bash Kat in the knee with a hammer. Casey won't do it, so Kat takes the hammer and smashes her knee.

Pazuzu is tickled. Regan cries out at the door.

Bennett hears his sister calling to him. Marcus begs for him not to listen.

Marcus taunts her, calling her Renfield from Dracula. Trying to get her to stand up and take what is hers so it's not taken by Marcus.

While Maria is receiving her reward, Marcus and Bennett overpower the guard.

Faux Marcus is still trying to get Tomas to wake up.

Then it appears Faux Marcus was Pazuzu's attempt to get Tomas to kill himself. He's not as good at this as he thinks he is.

Marcus and Pazuzu start exorcising while the Rance family runs. Casey can't leave. The family, together, starts to pray.

Marcus is wobbling toward the Papal car.

It's hard to believe nobody notices the thugs hired as the Pope's bodyguards. As the car stops, something makes everyone's ears rings.

As the family prays, it gives Regan strength to stand up and fight.

Simon walks to the Pope's car. He says, "the Morningstar sends his greetings. Marcus comes up from behind and slits his throat. "And I send mine."

At the Rance house, the exorcism continues successfully as the Pope practically freaks. All around, those standing by have blood coming from their eyes and ears just like Regan. In the fugue state, Pazuzu screams for Rags not to leave him.

Casey and Marcus talk about it afterward. He's happy to see her face like it is now, not snotted up and trying to bite him. She wonders how she'll get past what happened. He says the deal they make everyday.

Bennett says goodbye to Marcus and Father Tomas. Stay out of trouble, he'll be in touch.

Father Tomas wants Marcus to stay and teach him what he knows. He saw God. He doesn't know why God chose, him but he's ready to get out of the boat and start walking. In that case...

As for the Rance family? They're living in the country and healing together.

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Good news. You know that mole there might be inside the church? I think I might be onto something.


Pazuzu: I'm not possessed, Father. This is integration. You know what that means. There's no Angela left to save. No prayer that's gonna bring her back. There's just me.
Father Tomas: I don't believe that you're integrated.
Pazuzu: Which begs the question. How far are you willing to take this?
Father Tomas: As far as it goes.
Pazuzu: And here I thought you were the cuddly one.