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Tomas is having a dream that he's in his church. He goes out the front door to find a party going on in the back. It starts getting weird fast. 

Turns out that Tomas is driving a truck on a dirt road in farm country and there's a girl in the back with Marcus that they are trying to exorcise. Her name is Sydney. They are being chased by a couple guys with guns.

They escape from the sheriff. 

Near Seattle, Andy sees a group of kids from his foster home off to school. 

Marcus and Tomas arrive at a farm building where they work on Sydney. Marcus sends Tomas to town to get supplies.

The demon is taunting Marcus. 

In Seattle, the group of kids is walking to school. They stop in a clearing and the girl starts telling story about a witch. There is a creepy house and a well. The group leaves.

Andy is waiting for Rose at a dock. She's there to monitor the goings on at the home. They have a history together and he hopes she can remain objective in her reports.

Marcus is talking to Sydney about her life. The demon shows its face and Marcus starts to exorcise again.

It's dinner time at Andy's house and Rose is telling the kids what she is doing there. The blind boy learns that his father didn't show up at the custody hearing meaning he's going to stay with them a bit longer. He's not happy.

Father Tomas is getting all the supplies at the store, but a guy calls someone as Tomas leaves.

Rose is looking at the pictures in the hallway when she comes across the blind boys room. He's playing records backwards, but it's nothing. 

Andy is in his room playing on his computer when he sees Grace standing there with her pillow mask on. He takes her back to bed. He finds Rose in the kitchen with Truck who was sleepwalking and wakes up, afraid. Andy takes him back to bed.

Tomas gets back to the building with the supplies. Marcus talks to Tomas about this blackout in the truck. He tells Tomas he can't battle the demon from inside his mind, but Tomas thinks he can. Marcus says he could lose his soul.

Demon Sydney wakes up while they are talking.

Andy gets to Truck's room, but Caleb is gone. There's an open window. Andy goes to investigate. 

The Sheriff finds Marcus and Tomas' hiding place. They are working on the girl. Marcus goes to answer the door.

Andy goes to find Caleb along with Shelby and Verity. Truck stays behind with Truck. 

Marcus confronts the sheriff and tells him what's going on. Inside, Tomas keeps slipping back to the dream state while trying to perform the exorcism.  He goes against Marcus' advice and closes the bible.

Outside, Marcus is getting beat up, but not for long. He starts doing his own beating.

Tomas lets the demon possess him and he's back in the dream state.

Andy finds Caleb on top of the well's boards. The boards break, but Andy grabs him in time. He's confused. A look passes between Andy and Rose. There's something going on. 

Tomas is in the church, the black oil is in the fountain. He hears something in the confessional and goes to it. Sydney is in there. She opens her mouth and the record that Caleb was playing comes out of ther mouth.

Outside, it's getting bad for Marcus as backup arrives.

The men walk into the building and Tomas possessed. Marcus knows he crossed the line. The men take the girl out so she can go to the hospital. 

Andy carries Caleb upstairs. there are handprints on the wall leading to Caleb's room just like the ones Tomas saw on the side of the church.

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Six months and you still treat me like a school boy.

Father Tomas [to Marcus]

Father Tomas doesn't need you. You need him to give your life purpose.

Sydney the demon [to Marcus]