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Present Time:

After Martin jumped from the hotel and killed himself, a few men burst into the room.

Mitch jumps and is able to pull himself on another balcony and into another room. He escapes, but leaves his briefcase with his documents behind.

Five Weeks Ago:

Mitch is assigned to defend one of the law firm partner's sons, Ryan Strickland, who killed his girlfriend. At first he says he didn't know what happened to her, but soon explains he accidentally hit her with his car and killed her.

Mitch meets with another client, Sara Holt, who was claimed to have killed a Martha Wittaker. She was taking care of this older woman because she was sick. Sara explained that she was going to steal a necklace when Martha's son came home and caught her and then said that he found Martha dead.

Mitch learns that Wittaker was killed by asphyxiation.

Mitch thinks Ryan ran to the police to tell about the murder of his girlfriend, but he finds another man, Calvin Parker, there instead. Calvin explains picking her up and killing her. He says he's killed many times.

Mitch uses car mileage to determine that Calvin made a false confession and was simply seeking attention.

Unfortunately, Calvin did murder girls, just not all of the ones he claimed. Mitch and Ray discover bodies at the school he used to work at.

Tammy makes an anonymous tip and Calvin is arrested.

Ray is able to locate Ryan and Mitch convinces him to turn himself in, and that he will help him through it.

Present Time:

Mitch calls Andrew and tells him that people tried to kill him. Andrew is upset at his boss explaining that their agreement was he wouldn't get hurt. She tells Andrew to keep Mitch talking.

The Firm
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The Firm Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Boundaries? That's not a word you use in a law firm. That's a word you use in couples therapy.


I'm not letting some jaded public defender screw this up.