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Cecile tells Joe she loves him. But he panics and doesn't say it back. Later, he tells Barry that he doesn't know how to handle it because there are so many secrets in their lives. Barry tells him to tell Cecile the truth because love is all they have. But when the time comes, Joe breaks up with her instead.

Barry shares the future Barry's information with the team. They want to find Tracy right away. Julian's upset no one's looking for Caitlin. Cisco's still mad at Julian for unleashing Killer Frost. Cisco, Barry, and H.R. track down Tracy. She's quitting her job and leaving town because no one takes her seriously. Killer Frost arrives and tries to kill her on Savitar's orders. The team stops her. Savitar taunts her to prove herself as a killer.

Joe and Barry bury the evidence against Caitlin. H.R. talks to Tracy about her theory with some help from Cisco in his ear. She tells him that she believes she can control and manipulate the speed force. H.R. assures her that he doesn't think she's a crackpot. Killer Frost arrives again and interrupts their bonding.

Cisco and Julian fight over Caitlin. Julian noticed Cisco hesitated rather than take a shot at her. Cisco's afraid to kill his best friend. Killer Frost chases Tracy and H.R. Once again, Cisco fails to stop her. Barry manages to, but Killer Frost stabs him in the leg to slow him down. Then, she kidnaps Cecile and demands they give her Tracy.

Julian encourages Cisco to take his shot against Killer Frost. He believes his power comes from love and he won't hurt her. Team Flash goes to rescue Cecile. But Killer Frost remains one step ahead of them. Cisco manages to knock her out, and Savitar arrives to take her away. Cisco gives Julian a vial of Killer Frost's blood so he can try to find a cure.

Joe tells Cecile the truth. He takes off his wedding ring, tells her that he loves her, and promises no more secrets. When he gets home, he thanks the kids for reminding him how important love is. This triggers Barry's memory. He starts thinking about everything that's happened with Savitar. Then, he races off to find him. He knows who he is, and how he's always a step ahead of them. It's because he was there. Savitar removes his suit and reveals himself as a future version of Barry.


The Flash
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Tracy: What are you doing?
Cisco: You mean save you from a burning, fiery death?

Julian: Sorry, why are we not looking for Caitlin again?
H.R.: Easy, Romeo and Juliet. None of us have forgotten about Caitlin.