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Barry admits to the therapist that he can deal with death because it's happened so much around him, and this makes her wonder whether Barry is dealing at all. 

In an attempt cool Neil to move him, Barry turns to Leo, but he accidentally brings back Siren-X who is looking for revenge after what happened on Earth-X. 

Siren-X shows up just as The Thinker does on the mission and the Thinker disappears. This allows Barry to get ARGUS to move Neil. 

However, it is later revealed that Marlize and her husband can see everything the man is doing thanks to security cameras. 

Harry learns that he is losing his knowledge because of the thinking cap, so he destroys the device before Cisco gets a chance to use it. 

When Cisco learns the truth, he says that he is returning to his home, but Cisco talks him around and makes him stay. 

Things get worse when Caitlin struggles to save her Killer Frost side, but she later finds out that there is still part of the former villain in her DNA, but harnessing it will prove to be a tricky task. 

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

I know DeVoe has hit us pretty hard, but winning this battle may just help us win the war.


You want me to help you move a nuclear bomb?