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The episode opens in the hospital with Cicada watching over his sick daughter Grace. He hears Barry Allen’s voice from the hallway and quickly hides. Before Barry can get into the room, a doctor stops him. Barry asks to speak with Grace’s parents, but the doctor assures him that her parents are deceased. She convinces him that the hospital staff is the only family she has left. 

There is a flashback to a policeman banging on Cicadas door, letting him know that his sister was in an accident with a meta attack. Grace shows up around the corner, and we realize that Grace is actually technically his niece. 

Barry and Caitlin are at the loft prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Joe and Cecile won’t be there because they are with Cecile’s family, and Caitlin reveals that she and Killer Frost can now talk to each other on their own. 

Nora and Iris bond on the couch and Nora apologizes for not giving Iris a chance to show how great she is. 

They reminisce about past dramatic Flash Thanksgivings. Nora learns that The Flash museum in the future didn’t always tell the whole story. 

Cicada is on the phone with the doctor about Barry’s visit. The doctor warns him to stay away from Grace for a long time, as it’s getting too risky. We flashback to Cicada on the phone, trying to find a way to get rid of Grace when she first was given to him. We see him learning how to be a Dad by figuring how to make her breakfast, and care for her. 

Back in Star Labs, Sherlock does not understand the history of Thanksgiving. Sherlock reveals that he doesn’t have any family. There is an alert int he system, there is a massive electrical surge. The Flash and XS suit up and head towards a power plant. When there, lightening start coming down. Iris tells XS what to do, to grab the workers from inside the plant. Barry tries to stop the lightening but ends up getting knocked out and stops breathing. <p>

Caitlin tries to walk Nora through restarting Barry’s heart. It doesn’t work, and Barry flatlines. Nora keeps trying and at the last second, he starts breathing again. Nora and Barry embrace as Nora breaks down with Barry in her arms. <p>

Back at the labs, Nora is upset that Barry stops breathing and felt Iris made the wrong call during the mission. Cisco says that the storm must have come from a metahuman who made the weather possible. Barry heads to make sure the old metahuman who used to manipulate weather is still in Iron Heights where he belongs. 

Cisco and Caitlin find Sherlock painting and invite him to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Sherlock declines because of how terrible the year has been, leaving all of them a little depressed. 

Cicada is shown back at his house, missing Grace. He remembers a parent-teacher conference the two had to show up to together, where Grace was cursing in class and the two argued about their living conditions. Grace says that he makes everything worse and she hates him before storming off. 

At Iron Heights, they reveal the power dampeners are down, but the warden assures that the prisoners are secure. Barry and Iris explain the situation and Iris asks to take a look at the security tapes. Barry tells Nora that she can’t blame Iris for her decisions during the mission. 

All of a sudden, a female meta shows up in a cloud of smoke. It’s Joce, Mark Mardon’s daughter, but Flash steals him away before she can grab him. Joce says for them to bring him to her in an hour, or she will wreck Central City. 

Mark claims that he had no idea his daughter was trying to break him about. Barry thinks he’s lying but Mark assures her that he was clueless, that he was absent a lot during her childhood. He reveals Joce ran away at one point. 

We return to Cicada, who plays with Grace’s dollhouse, remembering when he first bought it for her and moved to a nicer place, trying to make life better for her. <p>

At the Labs, Nora and Iris talk about Iris’ decision earlier on the mission. Nora assures she’s no longer mad at Iris. Cisco has gone down the rabbit hole of hating Thanksgiving, highlighting how the entire holiday is a sham. <p>

Barry returns and Caitlin tells the Team about Joce, a storm chaser. She has a blog and lost a grant from a science center for being too dangerous with her testing. The realize her staff is infected with a satellite shard. Cisco realizes she will have to give up the staff willingly. Barry says we should give her what she wants. 

Nora goes and meets up with Weather Witch. The Flash shows up with Mark. He tries to persuade her to give up the staff, but instead, she knocks Barry and Nora over and squashes Mark with a truck, but Mark reveals himself as just a hologram being controlled by Iris at Star Labs.

Weather Witch is furious and threatens to burn the city down to the ground. Nora reveals she’s actually mad at Barry, not Iris, for his lack of care for his own self-security, before speeding away. 

Barry catches up to Nora. He assures her they will find a solution that he won’t disappear. She asks him to give up being The Flash and that it’s the only way she won’t fail in the future. She breaks down, unsure if she can even stand going through losing him again. Barry tells her that people need The Flash. 

Cicada is shown looking into the hospital and remembers the time he took Grace to the fair. They celebrate the one year anniversary of him promising to be a better person for her. He gives her a toy family for her dollhouse and Grace sees purple from the sky, as the Enlightenment comes down on everyone. When Cicada opens his eyes, he sees total chaos. He and Grace run for cover, but debris hits them and lightning bolt shoots into his chest. 

Cicada runs Grace to the hospital and pleads with the doctor to save Grace as they wheel him off to surgery. 

Back in the present, Joce is getting ready to level the city. Barry tells Iris that Nora has a point about him giving up on being The Flash. 

They locate Joce at the airport. Barry shows up and saves all the civilians. Nora asks how they fight the weather and Cisco says they fight weather with the weather. 

Nora shows up at the airport and brings Barry an object that he can use to counteract Joce’s weather. Because Barry won’t give her Mardon, Joce begins to make a tornado out of lightning. Cisco tells Barry that what he has to do to save everyone might kill him so he hesitates for Nora, but Nora says it’s Ok. She tells him to run. 

Barry absorbs all the lighting into his own body and becomes a human lightning rod. He throws the electricity at Joce and is able to catch her and get her staff. 

Warden and Joce get locked away in Iron Heights, and the Team is finally ready for Thanksgiving. Cisco, Caitlin, and Sherlock decide to skip Thanksgiving and get drunk instead. Caitlin turns into Killer Frost out of nowhere and tells them that they should go to the West Allen’s to celebrate. 

At the loft, the Team celebrates the holiday while listening to “We Are Family” in the background. Barry and Nora sit down for a talk, and Nora explains how horrible she felt about Barry hesitating before saving the strangers for her and how she understands why he has to save everyone. Barry tells Nora that while he was saving everyone, he was thinking about Nora. That he is The Flash FOR his family. 

We shoot back to Cicada, who shows up with flowers for Grace at the hospital. The doctor tells him it’s too risky, but because it’s Thanksgiving, he wants to be with his family. He flashes back to Grace first in the hospital when he found out that she may never wake up from her coma, and he blames himself for her injuries. The doctor tells him that neither he nor Grace deserved what they got, and it’s the Meta’s who are at fault. 

Cicada sees a news report on Metahumans and begins to anger. The lightning bolt that was in his chest during the catastrophe lights up and seems to awaken something within him. He promises Gracie that every Meta will die. 

Sherlock tells the Team since it’s Thanksgiving, Cicada would probably want to visit his family as well, so they tap into the security footage at the hospital and see him in Grace’s room, finally able to see his identity. 

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Nora: Mom, I'm sorry.
Iris: For what/
Nora: For not giving you a chance to show me how amazing you are.

Cicada: I want to do right by you Gracie. I want to keep you safe, warm and fed. Give you all the things a kid should have.
Grace: Let's start whit he dollhouse.