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There is a system power serge in the time vault. Barry and Iris rush back to see Nora's message is destroyed. Four months later, Godspeed is in Central City with the Flash in his tail. We see that the version of Godspeed has no language skills and just makes a noise. We discover this is one of several Godspeeds Barry has stopped this summer. Kamilla is getting more acquainted with the team and cheers Barry on as he saves the city. 

Team Flash has a cookout at Joe's house. They share food and laughter and take a much-needed break from fighting crime. Joe questions Barry and Iris on how they are coping with the loss of Nora. They claim they are doing better since they plan to have children in the future. 

Caitlin attends a funeral for her former mentor. She greets her son Ramsey Rosso and they speak about his mother. He asks her to coffee so they can properly catch up. 

Iris goes into the junkyard for Nora's jacket. Suddenly a black hole forms and almost sucks Iris inside. Iris lies to Barry about why she was there last night, and the team works to figure out the problem. 

Iris goes to Joe's office for more information on what could be happening. She gets emotional seeing Nora's picture at Joe's office, and lies again about the pain she is feeling.  

Caitlin has coffee with Russo who is trying to use dark matter to cure HLH cancer.  He gets angry when Caitlin refuses to help him get more access to dark matter in Star Labs. Soon after, Jitters is shaking as a dark hole appears in the middle of the entrance. 

Caitlin is almost sucked into the black hole since Killer Frost refuses to come out. She has been having problems with her powers for the last few weeks. The Flash comes just in time to save her from falling inside. 

Iris discovers Chester P. Runk is behind these blackhole occurrences by creating a gravitational device that accidentally created a black hole. Iris tries to talks to Chester, but he is unresponsive. She then gets frustrated, which segways to her opening up to Cecile about Nora's passing. 

Cisco creates a Stealer Granade that can reverse the mass collecting properties, but then Iris tells the team that destroying the black hole will kill Chester. Chester is the Blackhole! The hole is connected to his mind, and he could be killed. 

Killer Frost and Ralph talk about the realities of being caged inside another person. Killer Frost deserves a life of her own, outside of Caitlin. She spent years on the sidelines without much purpose outside fighting crime. 

Barry and Iris talk about Nora and their unique situation. Barry admits to throwing himself into work to mask his pain. He misses his daughter.  

Chaos ensues as the black hole shows up in the middle of the city. The Team figures out a way to move Chester consciousnesses out of the black hole and back into his body. 

While doing so Cisco puts on theme music, because why not. Barry manages to connect the energy back into Chester and the blackhole implodes. 

Russo gives himself a cure that changes his DNA, and he transforms. 

Monitor shows up in Star Labs telling Barry he is fated to die in this upcoming Crisis and there is nothing that he can do to stop it. 

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

There is no support group for what we are experiencing.


So I can avoid what scares me the most. I’ll never get over this.