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Daisy, Kyle, and Mark are hiding out in a motel room. Daisy asks Mark to get supplies to treat Kyle's gunshot wound. They sneak out after he leaves, but Mark sees them and knows they're up to something and follows them. 
The agents prepare for the trial of Dr. Strauss, the man who taught Joe Carroll. 
As Ryan is testifying, Kyle and Daisy break into Carrie Cook's hotel. The trial is not going well for Ryan and it looks worse when Carrie can't be located to testify. The judge gives them one hour to find her. 
They track down Daisy and Kyle's van and find it on fire. They assume Carrie is dead inside. Ryan chases them and Daisy escapes over a fence, but Kyle is unable to climb it due to his wound. He pulls a knife and Ryan shoots him dead. 
The case is dismissed and Strauss is released. 
Mark follows Juliana and finds out that Andrew told them that he would be the perfect patsy. The agents arrive at Juliana's to find her dead and assume Strauss killed her. 
Daisy meets up with Strauss and they plan to leave the country together. 
The agents arrive and Mark starts shooting. Ryan goes after Mark and Mike and Max go after Strauss. They arrest him but Mike spots Mark and goes after him, leaving Max with Strauss. Daisy comes up behind her and hits her repeatedly with a wooden beam. Daisy and Strauss escape. 
Mike shoots Mark in the leg and chases him down. Ryan talks Mike out of shooting Mark and he jumps into the water. 
Ryan goes to visit Joe in prison. 
The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Mike: It was real.
Max: Real or not, nothing has changed. You chose hunting Mark over me and you would do it again, wouldn't you?

Forgot to mention this place doubles as our secret clubhouse.