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Kyle and Daisy murder a young boy by pushing him in front of a car. 

Gwen begins moving into Ryan's apartment. 

Kyle and Daisy watch Max in her apartment via the cameras they installed. 

Ryan and Max go to Ohio to investigate a lead on Kyle and Daisy. At the house they find an underground storm shelter full of bloodied mannequins. They run into Daisy's dog sitter and have her call Daisy, but Kyle figures out the FBI is there and breaks the cell before they track them. 

Kyle, Daisy, and Mark brutally attack a fire house. Mark writes "Heroes die while you lie" in blood on the wall for the FBI to find. The fire house is the one Max's dad worked at and she hasn't been back since he died. 

Max calls Mike to come over and console her instead of Tom. Max has been drinking and the two of them sleep together. 

Mark finds Daisy's laptop and watches Max and Mike as they receive calls that the FBI found his safe house. He's gone by the time the agents arrive. Tom finds the laptop and plays back the recording of Max sleeping with Mike. 

The FBI tracks Kyle and Daisy to Towson College. Kyle stabs the girl on the roof and he and Daisy escape, but Kyle is shot. 

Ryan discovers that the girl's mom is Juliana, the woman Kyle and Daisy are working for, and that she's a judge.


The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Max: Hey, can I kick it? I never get to kick it.
Ryan: Knock yourself out.

Mike: I was kind of surprised you called me.
Max: Tom wouldn't understand what this feels like.
Mike: You're angry.
Max: So angry. It scares me.