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Daisy and Mark meet with Theo to ask him for help. 

Ryan goes to see Gwen at the hospital to ask for another chance. 

Tom goes to Max's apartment and removes the cameras while she's in the bathroom. 

Theo tells Mark and Daisy they need to help him with something before he'll help them. He goes to meet with Eliza who has sent guards to kill him, but he and the others take them out. 

Theo traces the laptop back to Tom. 

Max tracks down Theo's sister and she and Ryan go to chase down a lead. 

Mark and Daisy ambush Tom in his apartment and give him Theo's flash drive to put in the FBI's server. 

Ryan and Max find Penny, but it appears she gets away.

Mike calls Max to let her and Ryan know that Sloane is dead. Max returns to help Mike find her killer. Ryan stays to interrogate Penny, who he has tied up. 

Theo meets with Eliza who accepts his deal. 

Ryan's still having visions of Joe when he drinks. 

Mark calls Tom and tells him to bring him Mike. 

Theo tracks down Penny and discovers that Ryan found her. 

Tom tells Mike he's going to check a lead on Sloane and invites him along. 

Max watches surveillance footage of Tom finding out about the laptop and running. 

Tom delivers Mike to Mark and Daisy and they kill Tom. 

Theo shows up to take Mike from Mark and calls Ryan. 




The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Do you really think you'd be able to live with yourself if Max or Gwen got killed because you were half in the bag?


The deal is what I say it is. Think of it as a team building exercise. If my instincts are correct, you might even get to kill some people.