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Ryan wakes up in bed with a girl from the bar the night before. He returns home to a worried Gwen who knows he was drinking. She tells him she's done and walks out. 

Mark wants to go after Mike, but Daisy tells him it's too risky and they need a better plan. 

Gwen calls Max and tells her about Ryan's drinking. Max goes to his apartment and tells him they have a lead on Theo. 

Mark and Daisy go see the guy who gave them the cameras to have him trace who's still watching them. 

Ryan makes a connection between Theo and another serial killer called "the Madman".  Ryan wants to use the Madman to lure Theo out of hiding. 

Tom is questioned by Command about the raid on Mark's house. 

Theo and Penny crash a party at a mansion. Theo makes a deal with the owner that he will bring down Ryan. 

Ryan goes off on his own to investigate a lead in Philadelphia. He's nearly killed and the Madman gets away. 

The Madman comes to the motel and kills the desk clerk. Ryan jumps him and beats him, nearly killing him. Ryan questions him why he spared Theo. He tells him that he asked him to kill his family except for his foster sister. 

Tom accidentally kills the agent who is questioning him about the safe house in his apartment. 



The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

How? He's dead and you can't let him go. He owns a part of you that I can't reach. You know, I'm tired of trying.


If you give us any trouble, I'll be roasting marshmallows off your face.