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Callie, Aaron, and Mariana support Ximena at a roller derby game. Mariana teases Callie and Aaron about being third wheel on their date, and the two realize they haven't had an official first date. Callie tells Aaron to make plans. Mariana is intrigued by roller derby and the all girl mostly Latina team. Lena and the kids make fun of Stef for her crush on Tess when she was in school. Stef reveals that it was one sided and that she struggled with her sexuality back then. Lena says she's happy that Stef is no longer repressed and they make out and hug in the kitchen. The Bayfields come over for dinner. Tess talks about all the trouble Stef got into as a teenager. Mariana flirts with their son and tries to impress him with her knowledge of football. Jesus has an outburst at the table when the subject of contact sports comes up. Jesus is being blown off by Emma. He wants to return to school but Lena is reluctant. Stef is reconsidering it after having a conversation with Tess. Tess medical opinion is persuasive but Lena doesn't like that it is changing Stef's mind on something they agreed on. Mariana starts a rogue school newspaper to combat everything going on at school. Jude and Noah join her. When she and others go to distribute them at school they notice cameras are being put up. Mariana convinces her old STEAM crew to use a robot to drop the fliers over the school quad. The robot malfunctions and drew sees that it came from the Steam club. He threatens to cancel prom if things continue. The steam club members lash out at Mariana and tell her no one wants to be on her team. She gives up on the paper but forges Lena's signature and joins roller derby. Jude and Noah bicker over their vices. Jude is annoyed that Noah keeps getting high even when he doesn't need to. Noah is annoyed that Jude is always playing video games. They agree to give up their vices for a week. Jude may have broken the deal first. Callie has an assignment where she has to do a self portrait. She asks her family to take pictures of her without her realizing it so she can see what they see in order to help her paint herself. Later she talks with Brandon because she doesn't always like what she sees. He tells her that she's complicated and layered and that all parts of them are her. She picks out the one picture where she's smiling wishing she was that girl all the time and admits that she knows he took that one. She also talks to him about forgiving himself over Juilliard because he doesn't play music anymore . Callie and Aaron have an awkward date. He tells her what to wear, takes her to an expensive restaurant and orders for her, and picks the movie they see. She tells him later on that she wanted him to make the plans but communicate them with her her because she's had enough of surprises. After talking it out they kiss and make up. Grace texts him and asks him to come over and help her study. They hook up when he gets there. The next day she texts and asks him to have a music session with her. When he arrives he assumes she only called him for sex ,so she gets upset. She asks why he doesn't want to play with her. After his talk with Callie, Brandon plays a song apologizing to Grace. She responds in song and acknowledges she was a bit insecure. Their previous pillow talk she admitted she didn't have much experience with relationships because she was home schooled growing up. Drew and some of the board members try to get Monte terminated when she refuses to resign. They also threaten Lena's job as well.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Lena: Tess was mom's first girlfriend.
Stef: Why would you...?

Mariana: You smell like french fries.
Brandon: Oh yeah? You would too if you spent five hours chained to a deep fryer.
Jesus: Well, at least you aren't chained to the house all day. Moms, when can I go back to school?
Brandon: I'm sorry, were you actually just talking to me again? Amazing.