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Jesus discusses different medication to help him his impotency. He mentions that he overhead Lena saying he was a monster. Moms let him know that they don't really believe that. Lena tells the doctor she wants her sweet boy back. The doctor said he may never be the same. 

Callie and Aaron become more physical in their relationship p, but there is no privacy at the Foster home. Aaron invites her to his loft. 

Stef tells her that Cole has been trying to contact her. She invites Cole over. She tells Cole about Aaron and Cole admits that he thought the only reason she declined his advancements was because he was transgender. He's surprised that Callie is into Aaron and a bit hurt that it was just him that Callie wasn't into not the fact that h was transgender. 

Cole tells Callie he is seeing someone and is happy. Callie gets advice about possibly having sex with Aaron because shes' never had sex with someone who is transgene before. 

While making out with Aaron at his apartment, Callie tries to follow Cole's advice and Aaron notices how weird she is behaving. Aaron tells Callie that he isn't ready to have sex with her yet because he has to know he can trust her first, and he's annoyed that she talked to Cole first. He also brought up feeling like a rebound. 

Callie heads to Mike's and unleashes her pent up hurt with AJ. He tells her he never said she was the blame for him cheating, but pointed out that she had made mistakes too. She tells him that she's dating Aaron and he say s he isn't surprised. 

Callie makes up with Aaron and agree they aren't ready to have sex yet. 

Mariana  struggles with not immediately good at roller derby. She's afraid to fall at first and doesn't feel good enough. Ximena and her sister encourage Mariana. At First Zimena's sister is jealous but she comes around and invites Mariana to hang out. Emma is being rude to mariana now, so Mariana doesn't have many friends. 

Jesus confronts Brandon when he finds out that Emma has been avoiding him and is afraid of his oubruts. She heard about Brandon's room. His fight with Brandon gets physical. Lena reprimands Brandon for it. 

Grace offers to have Brandon stay over when she sees how heated things go between Brandon and Jesus. He declines and later blames it on his moms.He tells her about his relationship with Corntey and whhy he wants to take things slow.

 Cortney calls him because she needs a babysitter. Later on he lets her stay in the garage apartment while gabe is away because she doesn't have a home. 

Jesus and Emma finally talk about the abortion and why Jesus is really angry. They leave things uncertain and don't know if they broke up or not. Jesus decides he doesn't want to go back to school, and he would rather get his GED than have a studen aide. . 

Mike proposes to Ana.


The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

AJ: Hey, Mike told me that Troy Johnson confessed. You were right about him.
Callie: Yeah, but I was wrong about a lot of other things so...gotta go.

Emma: Is there a story about Jesus and a baseball bat?
Brandon: Uhh, why?
Emma: I saw your door was smashed in, did he do that?