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Dean stops by to tell Stef and Lena that he figured out a way to help them with their finances. He proposes that they get Stef's father to sign off on the title to the house. Lena is caught off guard and isn't certain she wants to approach the subject when her parents stop by to visit.

Stef talks to Gabe about the ring Jesus made for Emma. Mariana later overhears moms talking about it and whether or not it means that the couple is engaged. Stef is doubtful because it doesn't seem like Emma.

Gabe and Cortney talk about whether or not Brandon is okay with what he saw. Brandon isn't. He takes his frustrations out on Gabe, then blows up at Gabe when Gabe says that he didn't realize Brandon still had feelings for Cortney.

Dana and Stewart come to visit. At dinner, Jude notices that his grandfather is forgetful. Mariana mentions that Jesus is engaged. Stef brings up the house and the title.

Dana tells Stef and Lena that the house payment was a loan and not a gift like they thought. She wants them to start paying the money back when they can since Stewart is retired and they need it. Stef tells her that Stewart needs to sign it over. 

Stewart buys another car after hearing Mariana and the kids talking about having to share one. When Dana confronts him about spending money they don't have, he forgot that he retired. 

Dana tells Lena and Stef that Stewart's memory has been getting worse for more than a year, and she's scared because she doesn't want to lose her husband. 

When Stef talks about how her father treated her after catching her with Tess in high school at the dinner table, Stewart is upset. Later, he tells Stef that he loves her like his own daughter. 

Callie gets a poor review on her self-portrait. She wallows in self-doubt, but after spending the day with Aaron, her spirits are lifted. He tells her all the positive things about her and when things get heated at the waterfall, they decide to head back to his apartment. The pair has sex.

Jude has to deal with Noah and Taylor fighting over who gets to spend time with him. The two aren't getting along with one another. Later on, he gets a notification about doing his own gaming podcast. He assumes it's for him and Taylor, but finds out that it's just for him without her. 

Brandon and Cortney talk and Cortney decides to leave to focus on being a good mom and getting her life together. Brandon stops by Grace's and overhears her arguing with her mother on the phone.

Mariana helps Logan make up with his long distance girlfriend. They put together a nice video. The girlfriend sends a message thanking Mariana but warns her that she knows Mariana has ulterior motives. 

The Fosters
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