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Ximena invites Callie to a roller derby party to help raise funds. Callie agrees to go along. While still on campus she runs into a student who wants her to sign a petition about an anti immigration speaker coming to the campus. Callie declines. She tells him she isn't a student, but she wants to stay out of trouble. Cole brings Stef a case. A young teen, Alex, is staying with an older mam who is clearly a pedophile. The teen is not receptive at first but later Cole and Stef track him down at an area where runaway and throwaway teens reside, and the kid gives Stef a thumbdrive he stole from the John. Stef learns that pedophiles exchange and share their pictures etc via the thumbdrive. Stef begins to obsess wondering if Patrick Malloy does it too. She has a run in with Detective Gray and calls him out on letting a pedophile to roam free. She goes looking for Malloy and investigating, trespassing on territory. The Bayfields invite the family to have dinner with them but their power isn't working so they come over and cook at the fosters house instead. Stef drinks too much and talks about their hectic lives. While doing the dishes Tess tells Lena she admires them. Tess husband asks Stef what happened between her and Tess because It still bothers Tess. He asks Stef to speak to her about it. Mariana sneaks to the roller derby party and brings Logan. Jesus comes too against her wishes. They avoid Callie at first and Brandon and Grace whom Callie invited. Callie and Jesus eventually find out that Mariana is on the team. The police come and break it up. Ximena tries to explain that they have a permit. Poppy is afraid to watch her sister interact with the police, but it's later revealed that Ximena is an illegal technically. Ximena tells Callie that she still has to be her and stand up for what she thinks is right. Callie signs the petition and goes to the meeting about a protest. Gabe comes back early and startles Cortney and mason. When he finds out that it will be a week before her home is ready he agrees to crash at a friend's house and let her stay there. Grace finds out that Cortney is staying there. Mariana tells Lena the truth about roller derby and tells her about the seizure Jesus had when they were leaving the party. Lena finally sets Jesus straight about the behaviour he can control and punishes him. Lena also tells Stef that she feels like she's all by herself trying to help Jesus because Stef is more focused on the kids that aren't their own. Stef reassures her and they both go reassure Jesus.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Mariana: I'm a runner.
Lena: Since when?
Mariana: Since I've been getting in really good shape. Thanks for noticing.

It sounds to us like you're engaging in survival sex.