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Callie and Aaron listen in as Shawn talks about a controversial new speaker coming to the school who spews hate speech. He talks about the students banding together to protest. When he asks if Aaron will join them, Aaron declines saying he believes in free speech. Things get tense between Aaron and callie's new friends, Ximena and Shawn when Aaron says he disagrees with what they're planning to do.

Later on Callie apologizes to Aaron for something Ximena said, but then they butt heads over Callie's plans to protest. Callie doesn't like the fact that Aaron is judging her and she doesn't agree with his position. 

Callie meets up with her former foster brother, Kyle, who has been released from jail after the Martha Johnson case. Callie wants him to sue over still being under the police's thumb, but Kyle doesn't want to make any trouble. Stef tries to use Kyle to get a confession out of Patrick Malloy, and in hopes of taking down Gray, but it doesn't work. Kyle is now afraid and scared Stef won't be able to protect him.

Mariana still tries to convince moms that she should stick with roller derby. They don't want her to hurt herself like Jesus. Ximena convinces them that it's good for her. 

Jesus talks to gabe about the past and Ana. He thinks that maybe Gabe is still in love with Ana. When Ana stops by to tell the twins about her engagement, Jesus tells her that Gabe still loves her, so she keeps it to herself.

Brandon finds out about the engagement from AJ. He tells the twins, and they wonder if Ana didn't tell them because she still has feelings for gabe. 

Brandon, Cortney, and Grace go out to a dinner at a coffeesho[. Grace feels awkward around Cortney. She and Brandon perform together, and when Brandon later performs with Cortney, Grace gets drunk. Cortney helps Brandon take Grace home. 

Jude and Taylor try to teach Noah how to play their video games. They show him a how-to Youtube video but the gamer is sexist and homophobic and uses slurs. Noah is upset about it. Jude and taylor decide to make their own video, but when they upload it, they're trolled by many commenters sending them hate mail. Later on the good mail outweighs the bad, so they stick with it, but Noah gets upset when he finds out that Jude broke their deal

. Jesus takes a test to see if he can take the GED instead. After talking to Emma and finding out she wouldn't respect him if he was a drop out, he decides to stick with school. Jesus talks to Emma. he gives her a promise ring and talks about getting married one day. Emma tells him she has dreams and plans for the future that differ from his.

Brandon suspects Ana is still into Gabe, and he doesn't want his father to be hurt. He thinks he catches Ana and Gabe together, but instead it's Cortney in Gabe kissing.

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Since the election, there's been a huge rise in incidents of racist, homophobic, and xenophobic harassment across our country. We've seen graffiti with statements of "Make America white again," Jewish cemeteries vandalized, and kids chanting "Build a wall." Shiloh McMullen has referred to immigrants as third world trash, and she said that people of color have contributed nothing to society. If our university won't block this woman from spewing her hateful speech on our campus then we will.


Here's the thing; Choices you make today can stay with you your whole life, and as far as Ana goes, do I wish that it had been different? Yeah, I do. She was my first love, maybe the only one I'll ever have, but it's too late. You don't want to end up carrying around all of that regret. Trust me.