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A flashback from two years ago shows Clarice out on a date with a couple of purifiers trashing their car. Clarice runs off.

In the present, Esme and her sisters are collaborating with a man who seems to be part of rebuilding the Hellfire Club.

Elsewhere, Jace is at a funeral for the fallen agent while the mutants are holding a funeral for Dreamer at the same time. Jace makes it clear that he is done tolerating evil.

Back at the underground station, Clarice comforts Thunderbird as he grieves over Dreamer's death. Clarice offers her full support for the underground network.

The Struckers try to deal with their emotions after everything that happened. Reed thinks they should go back to their original plan of escaping to Mexico. 

Esme and her sisters arrive at the underground station as they need help. They explain that they need help to stop the Hound program. 

Thunderbird tells them that they need time to think it over and they take off. Jace goes to visit his daughters grave before Roderick confronts him about what he did with the Strucker kids.

Lauren talks to Andy as she admits that maybe their dad is right. Thunderbird learns more about the three sisters as they are referred to as the Cockoos sisters.

Polaris starts to feel a little weird which Eclipse notices. He tries to follow her but sees that the Struckers are leaving. Caitlin and Reed explain that they had no other option.

Lauren is still inside though as she doesn't really want to leave. Clarice begs her to stay, but Lauren says that she doesn't have any choice.

Clarice says that Dreamer's death wasn't their fault. Despite of this, Lauren takes off and joins the other Strucker family members.

Roderick takes Jace to the Hound program and explains that he has a lot of faith in this program. He shows off a couple of mutants that they have taken over as he wants to demonstrate the program out on the field.

The Struckers meet up with Wes and some other mutants. Andy gets visited by one of the Cockoos sisters who is curious about why the Strucker family left Atlanta.

She tells Andy that he needs to stand up to his family and do what is right. Andy, not sure what to say to her, leaves.

Back at the station, Polaris wakes up and is also greeted by one of the sisters. Polaris admits to her that they aren't quite sure if they want to help them as they have heard rumors about the Hellfire Club.

The sister begins to ramble about Polaris' real father who was a "king" of the club. Polaris begins to see that her powers are changing due to the pregnancy.

Lauren helps Wes out as she wants to help rather than sleep. Wes says that he heard about what happened with Dreamer and assures her that she will pull through it.

The next morning, Polaris plays around with her powers that are causing her to change. She admits this to Eclipse.

Thunderbird and the others try to decide whether they will work with the sisters or not. Sage arrives to tell them that something is about to go down, based on what she heard on the police radio.

The Struckers and the other mutants get attacked by the Hound program. Andy tries to fight back but gets knocked out. 

Thunderbird and the others are on their way to help them. The Hounds are continuing to bring the building down bit by bit as the mutants try to escape.

The underground mutants arrive just in time to get everyone to safety. Clarice opens up a portal and gets everyone into the woods.

Andy has an idea of how to get away and leads the others further into the woods. They are greeted by the Cockoos sisters who have taken care of the soldiers.

They get into the vans and take off. Back at the Sentinel Services, Jace is putting in a word for the Hound program to the director.

The director isn't quite sure but allows them to put together a presentation. Back at the underground station, Andy and Wes are resting up while Clarice gives Lauren some praise for her work.

The mutants, despite being hesitant, agree to work with the sisters. Later on, the sisters return back to the Hellfire Club and inform their boss that they convinced the mutants to help them.

The Gifted
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