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Claire visited her friend Kayla after learning that her cancer was worsening. 

With time running out, Claire asked Neil if he could look into it for her. 

He did so and found a way to extend her life for six months, but there was a risk she could die in the operating room. 

Kayla asked Claire to go on a date with her husband because they were compatible and she wanted them to be happy when she died. 

Claire reluctantly accepted the date, and realized they had nothing in common. Kayla later tried to manipulate Claire again and the resident flipped out. 

Kayla almost died during surgery, but Claire came up with a plan to save her and it paid off. 

They hashed out their differences and all seemed right in the world. 

Meanwhile, Shaun and Morgan dealt with two brothers quarreling and tried to get one to give the other a kidney. 

After much back and forth, there was an agreement in play, and the kidney was given. 

Also, Shaun found himself at odds with Lea after they bought a fish and it died on the first day. 

But Shaun did some tests and realized it died due to a condition at the shop, and they got a replacement. 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Man: I'm not selling Santiago anything.
Morgan: You're receiving money from a third party in exchange for your kidney.
Shaun: He's receiving money from a third party for his business. So is his brother.

I love him enough to give him a kidney. He should love me enough to accept an offer that would improve my life, too. I mean, it's a much lower ask than a vital organ.