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A woman and man from the same flight show up in the hospital. The man dies and Lim and Shaun try to establish whether the two came into contact. 

When they find out they were not in the same area, Shaun realizes that the virus is airborne and that the hospital has to be closed off. 

Tyler, the EMT got the virus after the lady died. He tried to get Morgan to go on a date with him, and once she agreed, he died. 

Lim then got the virus, and the hospital learned that it originated in Malaysia, but there was no cure for it. 

Lim collapsed as Shaun gave a patient too much insulin and he fell apart, while Morgan's patient was bleeding out on the table. 

Elsewhere, Glassman learned that his cancer returned and he broke down next to Lea. 

Claire and Neil worked on a patient who was dying and his father was donating bone marrow. However, one thing led to another and the dad was trapped in the danger zone. 

Despite the patient signing a DNR, Neil decided to bring him back to life. 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Lim: When did you start feeling sick?
Patient: On the plane. I've never even been outside the U.S. before. My ex-husband hated to travel...
Shaun: Was the man who died sitting near you?
Patient: No, he was 6 or 7 rows in front of me.
Lim: Were you ever physically close to him? Say, waiting for the restroom or in line to board?
Patient: No, I think he slept almost the entire flight.
Shaun: That suggests the virus can be transmitted through the air. Which means everyone in the plane and this emergency room has been exposed.

Lim: This is a negative airflow room designed so no air flows out. Keeps germs from spreading.
Patient: Because whatever I have is going to kill me just like the man on the plane?
Shaun: Your symptoms are not as severe as his. Although yours will probably get worse as the virus progresses.