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Claire and Morgan treated a man with a suspected stroke. He was on medication that was killing him, and later revealed he was doing it to prevent him acting on deviant desires. 

He later signed himself out of the hospital, and returned after stabbing his scrotum. Claire wanted to allow the hospital to castrate him ... even going as far as wanting to falsify documents. 

Melendez balked at the idea and said that there had to be a reasonable excuse for the surgery. George refused painkillers and later went septic. 

During the surgery, his body started to shut down, and the doctors had to close him up before finishing the surgery. He later escaped and jamp in front of his bus. 

Meanwhile, Shaun struggled to show empathy for a man who was permanently disfigured by his father. Park probed the kid for answers and Shaun later gave the go-ahead to have the surgery. 

But the boy almost died, and Shaun later ruled that it was a foolish decision. 

Lim and Melendez got competitive when it emerged that the new chief of staff was being crowned. Lim gave a suggestion to Melendez, and he later stole it. 

In the end, Andrews decided to remain as the Chief of Surgery. 



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Park: What do they call you?
Billy: Crater head.

This isn’t the way this should have ended. But I’m not so sure the world is a worse place than it was a couple of hours ago.