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Mac was brought into the hospital with a picket in his shoulder. His mother wanted him kept in for the night to get a break, and the doctors started to question what was going on. 

They learned that he had violent outbursts and she was worried about what was coming. After getting out of the hospital, Mac attacked his mother and the doctors rallied to tell her the pros and cons of a residential facility. 

In doing so, we learned that Melendez had a sister in a residential facility and that he hated her being there. 

Meanwhile, Glassman could see Maddy and they bonded over what happened before Glassman went to sleep and she was gone again. 

Shaun managed to win Lea back by being honest with her about his feelings, but he found himself in a difficult situation with her. 

Claire and Morgan clashed over the treatment plan for a patient who wanted to continue scaling buildings without protection. 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Shaun: I got you a donut.
Lea: Apparently.

Lea: We had a fight.
Shaun: I got you a donut.
Lea: A really big fight about some big issues that isn’t going to go away because you got me a donut