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A young couple worried about tumors inside one of their bodies. 

When the doctors put the woman under for surgery, they learned that there was a mass near her fallopian tubes, and her dream of having kids was in jeopardy. 

Claire spoke to the husband, who gave her the right to choose what she thought was best. Melendez opted to go with the way to keep the uterus, but Claire shut him down, saying her life was more important than a dream. 

Murphy and Resnick worked together in the E.R. and came to blows when Shaun opened up about deleting texts from Lea. Andrea said that he was being treated as a pet by the two women in his life and that they'll never look at him as a man. 

This rubbed him the wrong way, but he ultimately chatted to Lea, and she was less than impressed with him. In fact, she stormed off after confronting him. 

Dr. Lim was suspended from driving and given a $1500 fine for speeding on her motorcycle. 

Glassman recovered from surgery but started getting visions of his dead daughter. 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Officer: You'd be best learning to keep your mouth shut.
Lim: You're lucky I'm hungry.

You're undermining my management. Is there a problem?