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Lea thinks the venue they are visiting is the first one that fells right but she wants to talk about something non-wedding related. They go inside and it's a church. Shaun is thrilled with it until it squeaks when he walks toward the altar.

Glassman is trying to sell his house. A woman shows up and says she is Glassman's ex-wife.

Driving back, Shaun is sure the pastor will replace the floorboards. Lea wants to tell him something. They come upon a car accident in the road and Shaun tells Lea to stop. They find a pregnant woman who is trapped in the car.

Glassman's ex-wife asks about Debbie etc. Glassman explains it didn't work out and is moving to Montana. His ex needs a favor. Her husband is dying.

Shaun Macgyvers an instrument to try to help the pregnant woman, Alba. It works.

Ex's husband has Lewy's body dementia. She found an experimental trial -- can Glassman tell her if it's worth it?

Salen invites Morgan to dinner with her and Andrews while Shaun brings the patient in.

The Lewe's body dementia patient has a great conversation with Park then suddenly forgets who he is and why they're here. His wife comforts him.

Park thinks the tests show Samiel is a good candidate for the experimental treatment. Also he is not interested in dinner with Andrews and Salen. Morgan keeps trying. Glassman comes in to look at the MRI results. Also he wants his office back. Morgan notices an etopic leison. Glassman asks about his calcium levels. Glassman thinks this may not be Lewy Body Dementia after all.

In the middle of surgery, Shaun announces everyone should wear socks but not shoes to his wedding because of the floor. Jordan refuses. Anyway the baby's heart rate is stable.

Glassman's ex-wife runs after him and thanks him. Glassman says they still have to remove the lesion. Also Glassman's ex wants to know what happened with Debbie. He insists he's okay.  Eventually he says Debbie didn't like him being himself. She asks what's in Montana? Glassman thinks that he can start over in Montana as nobody knows him. His ex thinks he is running away.

Shaun has news for Alba. Either she stays paralyzed for life or she has a C-section even though she's only 26 weeks. She is upset because her boyfriend is not here and she can't choose between herself and her baby. Shaun says she has to. She insists she can't.

Shaun goes to see Glassman and tell him about his floor squeaking problem. Also the patient won't decide about surgery. Glassman tells Shaun he is moving to Montana. Shaun hopes Glassman will still be his best man. Glassman will. Shaun says then Glassman should give him advice. Glassman doesn't want to. He's moving, talk to Lea.

Morgan and Park discover the patient has a malignant tumor.

Shaun goes home to talk to Lea. She tells him a few weeks ago she went looking for Glassman because she worried about Shaun with all the changes at the hospital. She reassures him it's not because of his ASD. Shaun says his scores went up. Lea says that's not what happened. She confesses that she omitted some of the bad reviews. Shaun is upset because he didn't want her to do that. Lea is sorry but Shaun doesn't want to accept her apology.

Glassman gives the patient the bad news. He recommends radiation, although the tumor is inoperable. That should give them a few years. It's more than the man had hoped for.

Shaun tells Alba she still has the same choices. He does an ultrasound. Fetus has normal movement and heart rate. Alba says it will be a couple days before her boyfriend returns. He will support her decision but isn't helping her making it. Shaun says she needs to make a decision. She says Matt shouldn't have gone. It was a great opportunity but also a reason to be somewhere else. Shaun says Matt says one thing and does something else. How does she know he loves her? Alba knows he does, even if he did let her down. Shaun doesn't think that's right. He feels it is difficult to understand what others want. Science is much more reliable. Alba says the baby is relying on her. She decides to do what is best for the baby.

Andrews would rate the new self serve system 4 stars as he is stingy with his ratings. Salen tells him about the dinner plans for Thursday. He didn't realize they were going public. He doesn't like not being consulted. Salen is excited about him and them.  Andrews agrees to the dinner.

Glassman's ex thinks there is a surgical solution. He always did impossible surgeries, how can he suddenly run off to Montana and be a better person? She thinks he's scared of failing her again. Glassman wishes that were true. He gets a message about Suniel. Suniel is freaking out and doesn't know where he is. He shoves his ex and says he doesn't know her. Park sedates him. Glassman is concerned about his ex.

Shaun wants Lea to restore his scores. Lea insists she can't undo it. She says the algorithm did not reflect what was best in him anyway. Shaun wants her to tell Salen even if she loses her job, as she broke the rules.

Glassman examines his ex. She is sorry about before. She appreciates what he has done for her husband. Glassman gives her something for pain. She says she doesn't blame him for Maddie. Glassman admits he's scared if he operates on her husband and he dies he'd be responsible for her losing someone she loves again. He can't promise anything but he'll look again at the imaging.

Placental abruption -- they need to do a C-section anyway.

Suneil is ready for surgery.

Morgan finds Park and gives him his favorite junk food as a declaration she will respect his boundaries from now on. He doesn't have to do dinner. Park will go to dinner.

The c-section begins. So does the tumor removal. They have to move fast before Suneil bleeds out.

Lots of bleeding with the c-section too. They have to check for internal bleeding. Baby isn't oxygenating. Shaun is called to help intubate the tiny child.. No improvement with a chest tube. It makes no sense to Lim. Shaun does his visualisation thing and realizes the baby has a congenital heart defect.

Shaun hurries to try to save the baby.

Meanwhile, Park and Glassman work on Suniel.

Nothing is working. The baby is crashing.

Park is concerned that Suneil will stroke out. Glassman is going to use plastic tubing for bypass. For some reason this is all in slow motion. Glassman removes the tumor.

They can't figure out what is going on with the baby. Shaun realizes the PGE is expired. They call the pharmacy. They don't have another lot, the entire supply is expired. Shaun goes to tirate medication himself as the pharmacy won't listen to him about what to do.

Shaun rushes and gets a diluted version of a different drug but the baby is flatlining. Shaun is sure it just needs time. Lim tells him the baby is gone.She calls time of death.

Suneil, on the other hand, has come through surgery fine and will recover. Glassman's ex hugs him. She encourages Glassman not to go to Montana.

Lim confronts Salen. The baby died because the medication was all expired. She tells Salen the mother will sue. Salen wants Lim to keep it to herself what happened at least until there's an investigation.

The pharmacist blames Salen as well. Shaun starts breaking vials of expired medication. Lea tries to get him to calm down and he says he's not marrying her because she lied to him. Glassman comes running in and tries to help. Shaun says Glassman is a terrible mentor who is abandoning him. If Glassman was running the hospital the baby would not have died. He sits down and Glassman sits with him and hugs him while he cries.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Glassman: There are so many doctors who have more experience than I do.
Reeves: Aaron. We need someone who will tell us the truth so that we don't waste the little time we have left.

Shaun: How pregnant are you?
Woman: 26 weeks. Is my baby okay?
Shaun: I don't know, but you have tachycardia and your jugular is distended. If we don't fix this, you'll be dead before the paramedics arrive.