Incessant Questions - The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 3
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Shaun does push ups in front of the baby and has a hard time doing it. Lea says the baby is clearly going to be a rock star with the screaming he does. Shaun gives her a list of other jobs. He doesn't like Lea cursing in front of the baby.

Jeremy complains that Asher never goes to his family things. He's very close with his family and it's a big deal that it's his niece's confirmation. Asher says he can't.

Shaun and Jared see a patient. Charlie notes he smells like a brewery. Shaun says medical students observe and not take patient histries. The guy says he was playing a drinking game where they had to slap each other. He has a huge bruise and says they were using riot control stun guns too. Charlie doesn't like being sent to help clear out the guy's earwax when she knows how.

A guy comes in who was cut with a meat grinder in an accident. Dom again is sick at the sight of blood.

Morgan asks Lea if she and Shaun will be guardians to Eden if Morgan and Park die.

Dom says he's tried everything but he can't fix this. Park says he used to be a cop and seeing gruesome things became second nature eventually. He says Dom can sit this out but Dom says quitters never win.

Lim finds Glassman dealing with some delivery instead of going to the board meeting. He wants to convert the President's office into a lounge. Lim has a list of things to do.

Charlie asks Asher who he is attracted to. When she finds out he's gay she asks if he's a top or bottom and insists she doesn't have to follow rules about what's inappropriate to ask because she's autistic. Asher notes no rib fractures.

Park and Jeremy debate how to handle the procedure on the butcher.

Shaun looks at the scan and Charlie puts her two cents in every time Shaun tries to say something.  Kalu suggests that she stop interrupting her boss.

Dom does the best he can not to get sick during the procedure.

Charlie interrupts Asher looking at the patient's mass. He says the mass is gone.

Charlie thinks they should repeat the tests. Shaun complains he can't concentrate with her interrupting. She says she wasn't. He tells her to be quiet.

The patient is now disoriented and was slurring his speech but no longer doing that. He kicks Charlie out because she asks too many questions and, according to him, is not accepting responsibility for her mistakes.

Meanwhile Dom has to leave because the procedure makes him sick. Jeremy suggests Dom sit this out but Park says he turned him down when he suggested it.

Glassman is annoyed that Lim checks on what he has done. He thinks she should ignore the board's suggestions. Lim says the current board isn't as passive as the one he is used to. He has a patient waiting

Charlie tells Shaun he should not have raised her voice. She doesn't do well when shouted at. He sends her to the skills lab. She insists she didn't do anything wrong.

Lim and Dom are in the observation station. Lim says the distal nerves are better than expected. She wonders if they can re-attach. Park is concerned about spreading infection. Lim finally says it's his call. She agrees to scrub in.

Kalu encourages Asher to go to Jerome's party. Asher says but Jerome's brothers play hockey. Kalu says he's afraid. Asher says he knows what he wants and he has it. Kalu suggests he make sacrifices to hold onto it.

Shaun complains about Charlie and Glassman suggests he be more patient so that she can have the sapce to learn.

The reattachment begins. Dom, standing in the observation station, thinks it's awesome.

Lim asks Shaun how Charlie is. She says Glassman's advice is wrong and he wants to avoid problems. Shaun needs to tell her exactly what he wants her to do. Shaun should know how good a combination smart and stubborn is. He also was smart and stubborn. She says Charlie is like a puppy that needs to be trained.

Jerome notices something while looking at the patient. There's cellulitus on the forearm but Park says not to worry.

Morgan tells Lea that she named Shaun and Lea guardians even if Park is still alive when she dies. She doesn't want Lea to tell Shaun. Morgan says it's meaningless anyway as she will re-evaluate in 12 months. Please at least think about it for a few days.

Abdominal CT shows an inflamed gall bladder. Shaun says that makes no sense but the gall bladder  must be removed. He attempts to talk to Charlie who insists she did nothing wrong and that she has a disability. Shaun gets frustrated. He says he understands that ASD is considered a disability but he knows she's capable of being silent.

Park asks Dom what suture to use. He tells Dom to look at the angle of the incisions. Dom makes a suggestion and Morgan shows up and corrects him. She asks how Park is as a professor.  She wants brutal honestly. He admits he knows the whole relationship between Morgan and Park but he didn't lie about thinking Park is awesome. He's sure he'll be a great dad or stepdad or whatever.

Charlie stands there saying nothing while the doctors discuss the case. Charlie asks if she can feel the gall bladder. Shaun tells her to be quiet. Kalu and Asher are fine with it. Charlie feels the gall bladder and finds something sharp in it. Shaun investigates. It's a metal wire. Asher asks how that is possible. Kalu says it could be a barbecue brush wire. Kalu and Asher credit Charlie. Shaun thinks about the case -- how can this explain the neurological symptoms? He says they need a magnet.

Glassman is playing pool and watching the baby. Lim complains the board is mad at her and Gail keeps coming to her because Glassman won't listen to her. Glassman insists what she needs is to ignore the board. Gail wants an audit but Lim says she convinced Gail out of this but from now on he can deal with Gail.

Shaun puts a metal rod down the guy's throat and removes another wire from his tonsil, that caused an infection and all his symptoms. Charlie thinks this is very cool.

The meat grinder guy wants to go back to work and fire the butcher that caused the accident.

The barbecue brush guy says the guys he hangs out with are like his brothers.

Park tells Dom he's doing great. Dom doesn't think so since he can't even observe without getting sick.  Park is glad ot have him on his team. Dom hugs him. Morgan watches.

Charlie shows up to tell Shaun he was impressive and thank him for letting her observe. She learned a lot. She says she saved time by finding the first wire. Shaun says she will be an excellent pathologist. She doesn't want to be a pathologist. He says her refusal to learn from her mistakes mamkes her not suited to be a surgeon. He insists she's nothing like him.  She can't be a surgeon. Charlie runs away.

Jerome tells Asher he's going to the party. Asher says he'll come with him and closes his computer.

Glassman and Lim run into Charlie in the elevator and see she is upset. They attempt to talk to Shaun who sees no reason for Charlie to be upset.  Shaun says no one ever made things easier for him. Lin said that was not true. Shaun says Melendez gave him scut work and Han tried to put him in pathology. Glassman says Shaun is talking about Charlie the way Han talked about him. Shaun insists it is his decision and he is going home now.

Jerome's niece loves his and Asher's gift.

Morgan tells Park she wants him to be the guardian if she dies.

Shaun leaves the hospital and waits for the bus while Charlie sits in her car and cries.

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The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Lea: You're getting old, Pops
Shaun: 31 is not old.
Lea: It is in parent years.

Ash, I've tried to be sensitive to your family history, but mine's not the same. We're all super close.