Balancing Professional and Personal Lives - The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 4
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Shaun is feeding and burpling the baby while watching some scientific program. He tells Lea that the baby has been fed, changed, and burped. Lea rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Park have gotten Eden to sleep by lying her in the bed between them. They discuss how they haven't had sex in two months. However, they are interrupted by Park being paged to the hospital.

At the hospital, Shaun refuses to work with Charlie and takes Dom while Park takes CHarlie.

Meanwhile, Lim's mother shows up and Lim is annoyed as she has no time to visit with her right now.

The patient backed his car into his garage. Also he has Early Onset Alzheimers and isn't supposed to drive. The patient begins coding. Shaun takes him to the OR.

Jordan knows the next patient who comes in from church. He appears to be overdosing.  Jordan thinks it's a stroke. She quickly realizes he has sickle cell disease and is in crisis.

Later, Nathan is singing a hymn when Jordan comes in with Charlie. Jordan sings with him. Charlie thinks they have amazing vocies. He tells Jordan he went to a different hospital during the last crisis. He and Jordan flirt and Charlie encourages it. Jordan tells her to keep it professional,a tl eat while Mr. Speed is their patient.

Asher asks Shaun how fatherhood is while they operate. Shaun says that he and Lea have only shared 42 words a da y. Asher talks about how he is barely hearing from Jeremy while Jeremy is at a conference. Dom suggests that they schedule time to talk but also says he and his grilfriend didn't make it when this happened to them.

Nathan is in a lot of pain and Jared thinks it is not from the sickle cell.

Nathan is given an MRI. No one listens to Jordan about refraining from discussing whether Nathan should go out wiht her. They see something on the scan.

Park got Morgan's text. She wants to have sex in the office. They begin making out but LIm knocks on the door.  She wants to know why Morgan didn't tell her that her mother was in one of her clinical trials. Morgan didn't know. Lim tells Park to meet her for a surgical consult. He suggests to Morgan they try the 3rd floor supply closet.

Shaun and Asher say that their patient will recover physically but they can't do anything about his Alzheimers.

Asher wants to look into alternate treatments and see what's going on with the aggressive early onset Alzheimers.

Nathan has benign brain tumors that could kill him. There is a surgical option but it's risky. Park recommends it. Jordan does not. It could lead to complete hearing loss. Nathan sings a hymn. He doesn't want to lose his hearing so he declines the surgery.

Shaun again puts Steve down. Lea is again asleep and doesn't respond when Shaun kisses the top opf her head. He puts a note on her pillow saying he misses her.

Lim's mother has made breakfast. Lim wants to know why she's really here. She could have gone to a trial near her own home. Lim's mother wants to check on her. They get in an argument. Apparently Lim's father was a workaholic.

Jordan and Jared argue over whether Nathan is her type. Charlie announces she doesn't have any type. She also is the only one trying to figure out the case. She thinks Jared and Jordan like each other. THey deny it.

Lea comes to see Shaun and says she misses him too. They kiss but Shaun says this is not appropriate workplace behavior. They think they need a date night. Shaun wants to go to karaoke tonight but Lea doesn't want to leave Steve. But he's disappointed so she'll call Jordan to babysit.

Shaun's patient doesn't recognize his wife after waking up.

LIm's mother made it to the hospital without taking a ride from Lim. Glassman shows up and says he co-signed some things. He meets Eileen, who complains Lim doesn't take care of herself. Lim complains that Glassman didn't give enough feedback on these forms. Eileen doesn't see why she has to do anything if Glassman doesn't want to.

The patient's deterioration doesn't make sense to Shaun and Asher. Asher suggests long-temr care.  Cam's wife doesn't want to. Shaun asks how far along she is, implying she should terminate her pregnancy.

Cam recognizes his wife now. He knows he's slipping. He thinks she should put him in a nursing home. In the middle of the conversation he forgets why he's in the hospital and freaks out.

Park and Morgan meet in the supply closet. It is tiny, a light is flashing, and it's unsexy. They lock themselves in and knock things off shelves while making out.They spill something that makes them sick and they have to leave the supply closet, where they run into Charlie.  Charlie has found a study using AI. Park says this looks great, take it to Jordan and Jared.

Glassman doesn't want to go to a meeting and says he has Wrrior tickets but Lim doesn't believe him. She says she wishes she could cover it because her mom wants to go shopping.  Glassman doesn't understasnd. He says he'll take her shopping if Lim covers two board meetings.

Nathan won't risk his hearing even if it's a small chance. Jared says he thought he had it all but he realized things could be better when he came back here so he had to embrace the unknown. Nathan asks Jordan what she thinks. Jordan says God wants him to live. He decides to embrace the unknown.

Shaun tells Cam's wife they can discharge Cam tomorrow.. She says that he couldn't wait to be a dad. She got breast cancer and was really sick and Cam took a leave of absence to be with her.  That wonderful  man is still in there somewhere. She has decided to terminate her pregnancy.

Lea has a lot of instructions for Jordan and Shaun has written a book. Jordan assures them she knows how to take care of babies and kicks them out.

Asher is upset when Jerome doesn't answer his Facetime call.

Lea is glad they're having date night. Shaun complains about everything that is different from before. Jordan calls but everything is fine. She couldn't find the pacifier. Shaun decides to go to the hospital after thinking about a patient.

Jared comes to the house to apologize to Jordan and to give her food. He has gotten some sort of rabbit stew and thinks she should try something she hasn't tried before. She isn't sure about it but he convinces her to try it.

At the hospital, Shaun shows that the patient only has memory loss when he's on one side of him. It's not Alzheimers. He can resolve the problem via surgery.

Park tells Charlie she did great work. She wishes Park would tell Shaun that. He tells her to have confidence. She says she does, but she wants Shaun to know he's wrong.

Nathan wakes up and is able to tell Jordan his favorite song. His hearing is intact. Also there's a spot open in a clinical trial for sickle cell.  She decides to take a rain check on dinner with him. He is amazing and everything she prays for but she needs to face some unknowns. But she wants to hear his song.

Cam wakes up and is back to himself and knows she is pregnant.

Morgan is worried about how they might not get their sex drive for each other back. She doesn't want to l ose the old version of them.

Asher watches TV and Jerrome finally calls. Asher gets all mad and doesn't let Jerome get a word in edgewise. He says he fell asleep with his phone uncharged. He is not interested in Carter Nix.

Glassman and Lim's mother have a nice time. She doesn't watch TV but wanted to get a tray as an excuse to spend time with Lim. She wishes Lim liked her more. She asks if he had kids. He tells her his daughter passed away. She feels bad. She asks what his daughter's name was. He offers to buy her a crepe.

Jordan refuses olives. Jared insists not these olives.

Shaun and Lea lie in bed discussing how they m issed Steve. Shaun says he misses Lea when he's away from her and Steve when he's away from him.

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The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

He's tachycardic and warm. That's not consistent with an OD. I think he's having a stroke.


Morgan: It's been almost two months.
Park: We have the perfect excuse.
Morgan: People with kids have sex, right?