Asher Revisits The Past - The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 5
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Steve is screaming. Shaun insists they stay in bed. Lea runs to get him ten seconds before Shaun's alarm goes off saying they can.

Glassman wakes up next to Lim's monther. He says he has to go. He is late to his meeting.

Lim says Shaun will be working with Charlie. Shaun says he thinks Charlie should fail. Lim tells him he has to work with her.  Lim and Glassman try to get Shaun to stop being so critical of Charlie.

Lim's mother tells her she slept over at Glassman's. Lim pretends it's fine.  Lim's mother gives TMI about what a great sexual partner Glassman is.

Asher and Park work with a guy who fell in the shower and dislocated his shoulder. He's not the dad of the woman he is with -- he's her fiancee.

Charlie and Shaun see a girl who has an inflamed gall baldder.

Meanwhile, Asher is of the opinion his patient can't possibly be into her fiancee when she is so much younger.

Shaun operates on his patient and gets annoyed with Charlie. Park discovers the patient has a fatty liver and needs a transplant.

The May to December couple tells hw they met. Scott is converting to Judaim. His fiancee says Asher knows because he's Jewish. He claims not to be. She throws up and then faints.

Asher admits the couple is in love but doesn't see why Scott should convert or get married at all Jerome is annoyed by this.  They find something on the CT scan.

Shaun complains about Charlie. Lea suggests he ignore Charlie. Shaun gets paged and Lea tells him to kis the baby first.

Ronit has stage 3 ovarian cancer. They will do everything they can to save her life.

Lim walks away when she sees Glassman with her mother. Her mother calls her back. They want her advice about where to go to dinner. She tells them and leaves. Glassman runs after her. Lim isn't okay with this. She runs into Morgan in the eelvator who smirks about this.

Shaun recommends gastric surgery. Charlie provides stats. The girl wants to have the surgery. Her mother consents. Shaun sends Carlie to ge the consent forms.

Lim needs a memo written tomorrow so Glassman can't go out with her mother.

Charlie reads off the potential risks of surgery and the mother and daughter change their mind.

Shuan is critical of Charlie and gets frustrated and tells her to go back to not speaking.

Jerome and Asher argue because Asher thinks marriage is an antiquated ritual and alo won't admit he's Jewish.

Glassman enlists Lim's mother  to help him with his memo and they go out to dinner.

Asher talks to Jordan on video chat and says he knows Jerome has a ring box but he isn't sure he wants to get married because it's an antiquated custom and maybe they're just doing what they think they are supposed to. Jordan suggests he think about if he wants a life with Jerome or not.

Shaun talks to the girl and her mother and says the risk is low. The mother doesn't know what to do. Her daughter used to be suicidal and now she loves herself more so she doesn't want her to lose that. Charlie starts to say she was diagnosed with autism at the age of 5. Shaun says that is not relevant. Morgan makes him shut up. Charlie explains how her mom didn't want her to have an aide because she didn't want her to be different but her dad talked her out of it and it was what was right for her. Everyone needs help sometimes. The surgery won't stigmatize the patient. The mother agrees.

The cancer has spread everywhere in the other patient.

Lim confronts Glassman. Why is he dating her mom? He says it isn't about her. Lim insists he has nothing in common since her mother was a homemaker. He lists a lot fo facts Lim doesn't know about her mother.

Scott wants to marry his dying fiancee. Asher says if the rabbis approve the conversion there isn't a lot else to do to convert. He admits he was raised Hasidic. He talks to this woman in Yiddish.

Lea can't take this anymore and goes to take care of the baby. Shaun says that will only teach him if he cries he gets a hug.  He convinces LEa this will all be better in a few weeks.

Asher thanks the Rabbi for helping. The rabbi does some calculations for the rittual bath.  He tells Asher to embrace his Judaism.

After a montage of the conversion and wedding, surgery begins, but the girl's blood pressure goes wonky. Shaun kicks Charlie out of the OR again because she tries to explain why she didn't bring in the sutures.

Lucy has come through surgery fine. Charlie is watching sadly from outside.

Lim's mother says she could tell Lim was uncomfortable. Maybe she should stop seeing Glassman. Lim says she's the one being unfair. Go have fun. he says that she thought her mom jsut went along with what her father wanted. Her mother says their relationship was a partnership. She wonders if this is why Lim is so ambitious. Is that why she and Clay broke up? Lim says Clay wanted to get married and she wasn't sure so she avoided him and he went to Chicago. She doesn't like always being alone. Her mother says she is always here for her.

Shaun comes to see Glassman and complains Charlie won't listen to him and should go to another hospital. Glassman says that Charlie filed a complaint against Shaun.

The rabbi wants Asher to wrap tefillin with him but Asher says he has to go to dinner with Jerome and maybe pop the question. The rabbi leaves and there is a lot of yelling. Some guys are vandalizing the temple. Asher says he's calling the cops and the guys run away. The rabbi tells Asher to go get engaged. The guys come up behind Asher and hit him over the head.

The rabbi prays over Asher while Jerome waits at the restaurant.


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The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Glassman: Hey. I'm guessing you're not okay with this.
Lim: You sleeping with my my mom? My dad did it for years and we got along fine.

Charlie: I know that last time we worked together didn't go as well as it could have so I just want to say... at times like this I always quote Taylor Swift.
Shaun: Please don't.