On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 4, Shaun and Morgan must help a pregnant patient make an impossible choice and Shaun struggles to teach the first-year residents.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 4 revolves around new experiences and difficult decisions.

Shaun struggles to figure out how to best guide the first year residents he is supposed to supervise. Olivia seems nervous all the time and Andrews thinks he should give her extra attention, but Shaun thinks that is unfair to Jordan.

Glassman advises Shaun to ask Olivia how she feels and Olivia confides she gets nervous about screwing up on her first day. At first, she thinks Shaun is taking the time to care about her feelings, but Shaun lets slip that Andrews -- who is Olivia's uncle -- asked him to push her and she feels terrible.

Meanwhile, their patient is an expectant mother of twins who is having a serious problem because of RH antibodies rejecting one of the babies. Shaun realizes they can save both babies if they induce labor and then stop it after the first one is born. Morgan thinks this is too risky a plan to even mention but Andrews says they have to tell the mother.

Naturally, Kensie wants this. After the first baby is born, her blood pressure drops and Shaun wants to do an emergency C-section but she's afraid she will lose both her babies if she consents.

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On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 4, Dr. Morgan Reznik and Dr. Shaun Murphy are forced to make a decision about a pregnant patient that no one wants to make.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Woman: What does that mean, Dr. Murray?
[After Shaun points to his name badge]
Morgan: Is your vision blurry?
Woman: A little, but I'm just tired.
Morgan: Could be pre-eclampsia.

Claire: Ugh. Morgan needs me to go in ASAP.
Lim: You think she shouldn't page you? You figure she can handle it just because she used to be a surgical intern?