On the Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 12, Shaun deals with an obnoxious doctor with a hand condition while Park struggles with his feelings for Morgan.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 12 centers around whether people can change or adapt.

Shaun and Enrique work with a renowned surgeon, Silas Chambers, who is in the hospital with a serious hand condition that stops him from operating. Chambers is arrogant, rude to everyone, and insists he knows more than the doctors do about his condition. Shaun quickly realizes Chmabers also has Autism, but Dr Andrews tells him no one wants to hear that and he should leave it alone.

Meanwhile, Shaun wonders if he can change enough to be a father, while Enrique wonders if Chambers is right that you have to be rude and have a thick skin to make it as a surgeon.

Elsewhere, Morgan is upset when Park admits to having feelings for her and kicks him out of her house, but the two of them need to work together on a difficult case involving a patient who has debilitating pain and is often short-tempered as a result.

Finally, Shaun wonders whether he has what it takes to be a good father to Lea's baby, while Lea struggles with the question of whether she should keep the baby.

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On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 12, Shaun and Lea make a life-changing decision while at work, a famous surgeon arrives at the hospital.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Morgan: We run tests til we know what's wrong with him.
Park: We know what's wrong with him. He has fibromyalgia.
Morgan: So your diagnosis is he has pain because he has unexplainable pain. Well done.

Glassman: I've been on the phone with the cable company for an hour.
Shawn: Lea's pregnant.
Glassman: Are you happy?
Shawn: Yes.
Glassman: I'm glad you're happy. Do you have any concerns?
Shawn: Sleep deprivation.