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Lea can't sleep. Shawn wants to take her blood pressure. He wants to be extra responsible. Lea says they should talk about what they are going to do. Shawn wants to keep the baby. Lea has a lot of questions. Shawn has plans for every one of her concerns. Lea just wants to think and thinks he needs to too.

The staff has to deal with a surgeon who has a hand problem and a bad attitude.  Also he wants them to rule out all of these serious illnesses before diagnosing him.

Another patient has had pain for nine months and is short tempered. He has excruciating pain in his jaw.

Shawn goes to see Glassman, who tries to impress on him that having a child will change everything for him.

Park thinks the  patient has fibromyaglia. He and Morgan bicker and Asher suggests a conversion disorder or other psychological problem.

Shawn doesn't think that Dr. Chambers is so bad. No one agrees. They look at a video and Shawn thinks he knows what's wrong.

Oscar's wife reveals that her husband has an opioid addiction. She thinks he's faking.

Shaun says that Chambers' behavior is common for people with autism. Chambers is insulted and also feels a need to say nasty things about Shaun. Shaun gives a list of symptoms Chambers has. Chambers insists on a brain scan/surgery.

Andrews yells at Shaun privately not to discuss Autism with Chambers again.

Lea asks Claire what if their baby has Autism? But her real issue is she's not ready to be a mom.

Oscar has another MRI. Asher asks Morgan if she and Park are like this at home. Park comes in and is annoyed no one called him. They find evidence that the pain is real.

While Chambers is being prepped for surgery Shaun thinks about reasons to have a child and then somehow realizes that Chambers has an issue that could kill him.

Oscar is given his diagnosis. His wife feels guilty about not believing him. Anyway they have to do brain surgery.

Dr. Chambers rejects the staff's proposal. He wants to do a more risky procedure that has a 50/50 chance of killing him.

Lim tells Park and Morgan to stop sniping at each other as they are both wrong.

The team comes up with an idea for Chambers' treatment.

Morgan thinks Park's trying to throw her off her game. He says he's attracted to her but says he is kidding. Morgan doesn't believe him. She wants him to move out.

Shaun and Enrique talk to Chambers, who feels a need to be ableist. Shaun tells him his behavior is proof of Autism. Chambers wants an unofficial test to shut Chambers up. Enrique tells CHambers to be respectful. Chambers says that no one respected him and that people who aren't like him don't succeed as surgeons.

Oscar's surgery went smoothly and he has no pain but when he touches hs cheek with a Q-tip he has even more excruciating pain

Enrique asks Claire how much he has to change to succeed. He doesn't want to change. He wants to change what's around him.

Morgan says they can't recommend more surgery. Oscar asks what surgery? Park says they can cut the nerve but it could cause paralysis. Oscar wants the surgery.

Shaun gives Chambers the test. Chambers isn't happy that the test shows he is autistic. Shaun accidentally knocks over and breaks Chambers' cup. Chambers yells at him to get out.

In surgery, Morgan suggests that they look for a small blood clot.

Claire talks to Shaun who is upset that Chambers is angry at him. Also he is worried that his child has no friends and is picked on? He is worried he can't be a good father. Claire says Shaun has grown and changed and will be a great father.

In surgery, Morgan makes a risky decision. Lim and Park concur. They find and remove the clot. Park thanks Morgan and says they did good together. Morgan still wants him to move out tonight.

Shaun goes to see Chambers who is rude as usual. Shaun informs Chambers that he changed and Chambers can too. Chambers says he made up his mind about the surgery. Shaun goes on about a plastic scalpel Steve had given him. He has fixed Chambers' cup. He walks away. Chambers suddenly says his father died when he was nine and his father used to bring him mugs for hot chocolate. He was the only one who understood him. He couldn't fit in and gave up. He is too old to change now. He feels his only value is as a surgeon who can save lives.

Shaun brings Chambers' mug into the OR while they operate on him.

Later, he comes home, where Lea is making spaghetti. Lea asks him if he has thought any more about...? Shaun says yes. He made a list.  Lea has made one too. Shaun's list starts with he thinks he would be a good father but isn't sure. Lea says him being a great dad is on her list too. Shaun agrees that this is complicated. But he wants her to be happy. Lea thinks maybe since they are both having doubts now is not the right time.

Shaun takes out his plastic scalpel.

Chambers is ready to go home. He does not want Shaun's referral to an ASD specialist.  However he thanks Shaun and Enrique.

Oscar awakens. Time to find out if the surgery worked this time. No pain in his jaw. But his wife's hands are cold.

Enrique has decided to go to a program at John Hopkins. He thanks Claire for being a great friend and great boss. He reminds her to take care of herself too.

At home, Morgan wants to know if Park's feelings for her are real or not. He says if he's messing with her, will she let him stay?  She says yes. He says he wasn't messing with her. She kisses him and says it's a one time thing.

At the abortion clinic, Lea is feeling sad. Maybe it will never be the right time. Shaun feels the same. They decide to keep the baby.



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Morgan: We run tests til we know what's wrong with him.
Park: We know what's wrong with him. He has fibromyalgia.
Morgan: So your diagnosis is he has pain because he has unexplainable pain. Well done.

Glassman: I've been on the phone with the cable company for an hour.
Shawn: Lea's pregnant.
Glassman: Are you happy?
Shawn: Yes.
Glassman: I'm glad you're happy. Do you have any concerns?
Shawn: Sleep deprivation.