On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 15, two mothers from very different backgrounds wait for news after their young sons are shot during a protest.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 15 is about overcoming political differences.

When two young boys are shot during a protest over a new law, the mothers begin to bond in the waiting room... until one mother sees the other's wristband and sees they are on opposite sides of the issue. After that, they continually snipe at one another and rebuff each other's attempts at empathy.

Meanwhile, the boys are in dire straits. Mason has heart issues and may die due to brain damage. He is woken up and tested and his brain function is fine, but he soon develops what could be a fatal clot and there is not enough blood in the hospital to keep him alive while waiting for more. And Ethan has a bullet lodged in his brain in an inaccessible spot, but a traveling fragment that also cannot be removed could kill him.

Ethan's mother blames Shaun and Lea for her son's plight, while Park isn't sure he can continue working on this case because it reminds him of his own son's childhood.

Meanwhile, Claire is shocked and upset when she learns that Asher voted for Trump, while Asher thinks she doesn't respect his right to have a political opinion that disagrees with hers.

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On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 15, after a political protest ends up turning violent, the team must race to save two young gunshot victims.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Tarrin: You're one of them.
Karina: Them?
Tarrin: Get away from me!

Mother: What happened?
Admin: Nothing. We just have forms for you to fill out. Do you have your insurance cards?
Mother: Not on me.
Lea: I work here. I'll help them with the forms.