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Some woman is bringing her kid to a protest. Another mother is reluctant to go and says she will leave at the first sign of trouble.

Lea is waiting for test results on gestational diabetes. A news report says people were shot at the protest. Shaun rushes to the ER to help.

The nine-year-old boy whose mom said she was leaving at the first sign of trouble has multiple gunshot wounds. The mother doesn't want to leave while they are in surgery. Someone takes her away. The boy's heart is not pumping normally. . They manage to get him stabilized.

The other little boy has also been shot and is in critical condition.

Lea is watching the news while the mothers come in.

One of the boys' stats drops.

Someone comes with forms for insurance. Lea offers to help.

Shaun says they will need to remove the child's skull.

Lea tells the mother she's working with, she thinks this is the other mom. The mothers introduce themselves to each other. Karina and Tarrin. Mason is 9, Ethan 8 1/2. Karina tries to reassure Tarrin that their children will be fine. Tarrin realizes they are on opposite sides and tells Karina to get away from her.

Claire thinks that the right is intolerant. Andrews says he is an NRA member. Asher says he voted for Trump because he likes his stand on Israel.

Asher feels like Claire wants an apology for his vote. Claire says it's more than a vote. Asher says he has a right to an opinion on how to fix everyone's lives. Andrews tells them to stop this debate.

Asher gives Mrs. Bardo an update. Her son may have brain damage because of the blood loss. Continuing the surgery could kill him but they can't assess without waking him up. Lea doesn't appreciate them putting this on the mother. Mrs. Bardo wants to do this in case her son dies. She already lost his father in an accident.

Lea comes to find out what is going on and Shaun and Lim tell her she can't be in the OR. Shaun comes out and gives Tarrin an update. Her son is in surgery and they are trying to find the bullet fragments in his brain.

Mason's brain function seems okay but he seems terrified.

Shaun finds a fragment in an artery but Lim doesn't see how they can get it out.

Lea sits with Tarrin. She asks when Ethan's birthday is. Tarrin talks about how she didn't let him have friends over because of COVID. Shaun and Park show up and say they are not going to remove the bullet as it is too dangerous.

Karina talks about being a single mom. Tarrin says she's divorced. They argue over who has it worse. Tarrin accuses Karina of being responsible for the shooting.

Claire and Shaun show up. Tarrin is annoyed that Shaun lets Claire give Karina's news first. There is no brain damage for Mason. The news for Ethan is not so good. His skull must remain open because of swelling on the brain.

Tarrin sees Ethan. He is on a ventilator. She talks about how she loved watching him sleep. She thinks he is looking at her and squeezing her hand.  Shaun says Ethan is having a seiure and the bullet fragment has migrated.

Lea gets her test results in the middle of comforting Tarrin. The mothers want to know about her news. The mothers talk about their birth experiences.

Shaun doesn't understand how this could b e. Park says the tests show the fragment is stable. Shaun says then they  missed something else. He says Jordan missed something. She says she didn't.  But another fragment is moving and it's not in a place where they can get to it.

Shaun goes running to Glassman and starts talking very fast. He thinks Glassman as a neurosurgeon will know what he missed. Glassman doesn't think he missed anything. Shaun said then Ethan is probably going to die. He is visibly upset.

Glassman thinks it's b because Shaun is about to be a parent. Shaun doesn't think that's rational or worth it. He doesn't understand why Glassman is giving him emotional advice.

Park has run away to outside. Morgan shows up and tells him the parents need him to be part of this.

There are news cameras outside the hospital. Meanwhile, Asher says every vote is a compromise but it's become a dirty word. Anyway, Mason's foot is cold and pulseless.. Claire says they have to fix this clot right now or he will lose his leg.

Shaun gives Tarrin the update and that the new fragment cannot be removed. Park says they will monitor and hope for the best. Tarrin lashes out physically at Lea. When Shaun goes to comfort her she realizes they are together and decides Lea was not objective earlier.

Meanwhile, Mason is crashing and maybe dying.

Karina thinks Lea should go home. She can't.

Claire comes in and says they are trying to get more blood for Mason. It will take a few more hours. Karina realizes Mason will die before the  blood arrives. Tarrin offers to donate blood to Mason.

Shaun parrots what Glassman said to Park. Claire returns. Tarrin has donated twice the amount of blood. It's going to be a long night. Park says come with me.  Park says the fragment left a trail they can follow to find the bullet.

Tarrin brings Lea a decaf coffee and tells her not to feel guilty about feeling happy. Lea says she was scared. SHe doesn't know if she will have the strength to deal with a situation like this. Tarrin thinks Lea's compassion will make her a great mother. The doctors come back. Both boys are through surgery, awake, and ready to see their moms.

Claire offers Asher a cheeseburger so they can talk.

Morgan tells Park he saved Ethan's life. He tells her she did because she convinced him to stay. She invites him over. He thinks they should stop seeing each other as he doesn't want to just sleep with her. He wants to try things with Heather. Morgan is upset.

Lea and Shaun go for a walk. Lea feels lucky. Shaun feels tired... but also lucky. Lea collapses all of a sudden.



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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Tarrin: You're one of them.
Karina: Them?
Tarrin: Get away from me!

Mother: What happened?
Admin: Nothing. We just have forms for you to fill out. Do you have your insurance cards?
Mother: Not on me.
Lea: I work here. I'll help them with the forms.