On The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 11, a young patient attaches herself to Shaun while the doctors resent Andrews for his role in the Salen debacle.

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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 11 addresses the changes at the hospital now that Salen is gone.

Andrews is thrilled to reinstate Lim, but she's not as happy as he is. During a surgery on a car accident victim, she delays calling him in for as long as possible and later she resents his refusal to amputate the patient's arm. Lim tells Andrews he is ego-driven and that she is upset that he stood by Salen even after the baby died.

Meanwhile, Glassman and Andrews also butt heads when Andrews decides to close the clinic and put Glassman back to work as a neurosurgeon. During a difficult surgery, things are tense between the two, especially when Glassman suggests Andrews only stood up to Salen now because he knew he could get the President's seat.

A family comes into the ER after a car accident and the parents are whisked away into surgery. The little girl attaches herself to an unwilling Shaun, showing up where he is and asking all sorts of personal questions. Shaun is resistant to forging a personal connection with her, but he's the only one who can get through to her when she refuses to see her dad after her father's surgery.

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On The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 11, Dr. Shaun Murphy makes a personal connection with a precocious young patient and it threatens his objectivity.

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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Contact social work, make sure the girl isn't alone. She might lose both her parents today.


Shaun: Your un-save the date card.
Jordan: You're uninviting us to the wedding?
Lea: There isn't going to be a wedding for the foreseeable future so we're canceling everything.
Jordan: The way you're smiling, I feel like we should be congratulating you.