Maia Rindell in Court - The Good Fight
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Maia and Diane officially join Reddick Boseman and Associates. Adrian welcomes Diane while Barbara seems skeptical.

A familiar face helps Diane move into her new office. Diane interviews candidates to be her legal assistant.

Maia and other first year associates are sent to give pro bono legal advice at a local union. There she connects with an employee who feels his wages are being unfairly garnished.

Diane joins Adrian and Barbara as they sit with financiers to decide which cases the firm should take.

Lenore Rindell stops by and pleads her innocence to Diane.

Maia represents the employee at his company arbitration. Lucca sits in for support.

Diane visits Henry in prison. He maintains his innocence and asks Diane to represent him.

The firm is introduced to the Friedman Method which teaches interrogation techniques to police officers. Retail stores also send employees to these seminars. Lucca wants to start a class action lawsuit.

The union is in the middle of contract negotiations are hesitant to help with the suit. Marissa uses her connections at an old job to get members for the class which convinces Diane to hire her as an assistant.

Maia has her first day in court; Judge Abernathy presides.

Maia seeks out her mother after a health scare and uses the Friedman method to question her about various issues.

After a long day, Maia leans on Amy for support.

Maia and Lucca present a strong case to avoid a Motion to Dismiss until information from the plaintiff's past creeps up.

The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I used to lie about mom and dad fighting just so I wouldn't seem so weird.


People can lie and still be telling the truth. Nobody's 100% of any one thing.