The Firm at Work - The Good Fight
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Neil Gross immediately puts the firm to work when he wants hate speech, and the people responsible for it, removed from his websites. Maia takes the assignment personal when the hate speech sounds like threats she's been getting.

Collin talks to his supervisor again about Kresteva.

Marisa thinks about getting into investigating.

Maia's uncle stops by the office to see her. He warns her that her father is up to something.She reaches out to Elsbeth for advice.

Things are heating up between Collin and Lucca until he asks her to go to dinner.

After the firm decides to implement an appeals process for banned users, one such user has a field day presenting his narrative.

Information from the firms discussions about the appeals process is leaked. Online users use it to their advantage.

Lucca arranges a date so that they'll run into Collin but it doesn't produce the results she's expecting. When she confronts him later, she's surprised again.

Maia shows up for a meeting with her dad and finds a party in progress. She's nervous when he tries to speak with her in private.

Marisa steps in when the investigator needs some help tracking down a very specific kind of online user. Not surprisingly, she's good at it.

Elsbeth stops by to warn the firm about the newest fake news story.

Julius makes a surprising decision about his future with the firm.



The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Julius: You can't ban every use of the n-word on the internet.
Diane: Yes, you can.
Adrian: Every rap lyric would go out the window. What about Huckleberry Finn?
Barbara: Yes, that would be unfortunate. All those times Huckleberry Finn is quoted in tweets.

Why is it whenever I get a promotion, I feel like I'm being demoted?