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On this week's episode of The Good Guys, Liz tries to set Jack up with a friend and he can't figure out why. But then a call girl later explains: Liz still has feelings for Jack, but doesn't know how to deal with them as long as he's available. Therefore, it's a a form of self-preservation to try and set him up.

Jack never does go on the date, however, leaving Liz still pining for him.

Elsewhere, Dan is REALLY sick. But he keeps saying he won't take a day off untilt he bad guys do. He also tells Jack a story about calling in sick a long time ago and his partner getting shot. Pretty funny stuff by Bradley Whitford in all this.

As for the actual case? It involved an escort service that Dan and Jack stumbled upon after going to check out the case of a vandalized vending machine. As always, the details aren't necessarily important, just as long as viewers know this: the crime was solved, Dan's unusual methods came through once again and we got to see these partners get even closer.

Jack was even willing to hide evidence from the homicide detectives and hand over an expensive watch to one of the escorts whose sad story we learned. The guy is learning when to follow the rules and when it's more important to bend them.

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